The Qatari embassy in Egypt organised a ceremony on Thursday to launch a book on how Qatar amazed the world in the World Cup by Egyptian journalist Atef Suleiman. The event was attended by numerous Arab and foreign ambassadors, a host of political and economic figures, as well as prominent intellectual, cultural, media, art, and sports personalities in Egypt.

In his speech at the ceremony, Qatar’s ambassador to Egypt, Tariq Ali Faraj al-Ansari emphasised that the book covers various aspects of Qatar’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. He noted that the event showcased the culture, customs, and traditions of the Middle East, particularly the Arab traditions.

The book highlights the unique and exceptional model of organising this tournament for the first time in the Middle East and the Arab world, documenting how Qatar used the opportunity of hosting the World Cup to correct many misconceptions about Arab and Islamic societies in the West.

The ambassador praised the author’s effort in producing the book with high professionalism, which provides a clear picture of Qatar’s efforts to successfully organise the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
This makes the book an important reference for those interested in understanding the organisation, management, and execution details of this edition, offering a completely objective account.

Additionally, the book introduces readers to Qatar’s progress in various fields such as sports, culture, and tourism. He explained that the book narrates the journey to the World Cup in an engaging and interesting manner, starting from Qatar’ bid to host the tournament, its victory in 2010, and up to the event in 2022. It highlights the challenges faced during the preparations and key events during the tournament.

The ambassador pointed out that the book also provides an overview of Qatari institutions, whether political, social, or cultural, and gives insights into the country’s infrastructure and how it leveraged the World Cup hosting opportunity.

He noted that Qatar achieved the highest revenues in the history of the World Cup tournaments through various economic and entertainment projects it implemented. For his part, journalist Atef Suleiman discussed the concept of the book and its key aspects regarding Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup.

He mentioned that the idea of the book dates back to the years before the World Cup and that his enthusiasm for writing it stemmed from his desire to highlight Qatar’s successes, which made it a model admired worldwide.

This is particularly after its unprecedented and exceptional organisation of the World Cup, alongside the renaissance witnessed by all participants, followers, and visitors in various fields.
Suleiman appreciated the significant cooperation shown by all Qatari institutions to provide the necessary information for documenting the hosting of the tournament in this book.
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