A 10-day training course on “TV Preparation and Presentation” was launched Sunday, organized by the Qatar Press Center (QPC) in cooperation with the Media Development Department of the Qatar Media Corporation (QMC), and presented by Dr Ahmed Abdelmalik, in the presence of a group of media professionals and staff in charge of programs on a number of television and radio channels.

The course is divided into a theoretical part, which will be held at the center, while next week the trainees will continue with practical training at the Qatar TV.

HE Sheikh Khalid bin Abdulaziz al-Thani, Director of the Media Development Department at the QMC, confirmed that the cooperation between the administration and the QPC, through this course, aims to prepare media cadres for television and radio, qualified with the latest artistic and linguistic practices and modern technologies.

He explained that this course is full of information and practical experiences in coordination with Qatar TV, presented by media expert and academic Dr Ahmed Abdul Malik, a distinguished journalist, pointing out that the beneficiaries of the course are staff in charge of programs and presenters on Qatar TV, Al Kass Channel, TV 37, and Qatar Radio.

The Director of the Media Development Department at the QMC noted the continued fruitful cooperation between the administration and the QPC in many upcoming journalistic activities and training courses.

Dr Ahmed Abdelmalik stressed the importance of the media message, and the necessity of building trust between the sender and the receiver, based on his personal experiences and expertise in the media field. Noting the necessity of refining and developing the basic skills and knowledge to form a successful media personality and a distinguished broadcaster.

Dr Abdulmalik said: “The course aims to develop media skills, such as: using the microphone, facing the camera, building a media personality, and the necessity of working to make the communicator, whether on radio, television, or social media, able to provide good content that includes a good idea and sound language. A purposeful message to the receiving audience.”

Trainees like colleague Saud Fawaz al-Ajmi, a broadcaster on Qatar Radio, said: “As a media professional, I need to develop myself and my skills in my field. The radio broadcaster differs greatly and radically from the television presenter. The broadcaster has only one tool to deliver the message to the recipient, which is voice, and I need to know how to form a successful team from preparation to presentation.”

Trainee Nouf al-Haidos, Social Programs Coordinator at Qatar Radio, said: “Attending this course is important for the social media department at the radio, as we expect to learn how to deliver radio content to the public and communicate with them. It is necessary to gain radio preparation experience and train broadcasters and presenters to produce programs via social media, such as: podcasts and YouTube programs.

Trainee Abdul Rahman al Kuwari, a broadcaster on Al Kass Channel, said: “I joined this course to benefit from the methodology of television preparation and presentation, and to benefit from the presenter of this course and his great experience. The course is useful from the beginning, and I hope to benefit more in the remaining days.”
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