Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) on Sunday launched a digital platform named ‘Wayyakum,’ to support treatment of cancer patients in the country.

The first such digital initiative in the Gulf region, the platform is dedicated to support the cost of treatment for the needy cancer patients. It provides a simplified and effective means for patients and their families to access the necessary financial support for treatment.

The event was attended by several prominent figures in medicine, healthcare, charity, and humanitarian work from various institutions in Qatar, including the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities. This platform has been linked to 'Sanadi' - a specialised platform for organising domestic charitable aid within Qatar in collaboration with 23 partners from government and charitable institutions.

Speaking to the media, QCS chairman HE Sheikh Dr Khaled bin Jaber al-Thani, said the intention was to make the application for financial support quite simple. Earlier people had to come to the QCS office and submit a manual application and the process took a long time, he recalled.

HE Sheikh Dr Khaled explained: “Wayyakum is the simple way to submit an application where the needy people can upload all the information and documents required. Our target is to evaluate an application and approve it in two hours if it is in order. At the same time, everything will be dispatched electronically.

"So once it is approved, an auto-generated approval letter for treatment goes to the respective centre, for example, to the National Centre for Cancer Care and Research or to Sidra Medicine.”

“All the systems are interlinked. Once the details are entered, the system will show that the patient has already been granted aid from QCS. So once they put the ID of the patient, it will show on the system if he or she has received any financial support from other charity organisations. So there will not be room for any duplication,” he noted.

“The fund is provided depending on the cost of the treatment. We get an estimate from the respective institutions and approve it. Usually we have it capped at QR 50,000 and if required to pay more, we provide the additional amount too. Some people may need treatment for several years. So we decide accordingly,” explained, Sheikh Khaled.

Last year QCS supported over 1,200 cancer patients and some of them are repeating cases this year too, he said. Since 2013, QCS has provided support and coverage of cost of cancer treatment. The number of beneficiaries until 2023 has reached 9,362 at a total cost of over QR101mn.
'Wayyakum’ platform, can be accessed by visiting the QCS website or by downloading the 'Wayyakum' application from the app stores.

Upon entering the platform, users are asked to create a new account and fill in the necessary information to complete the registration process, including personal data and financial expenses for the patient. They must also upload the required documents for the patient and attach a 'Sanadi' document.

After submitting the request, users can track its status and verify it through the system, with the possibility of updating it if necessary.

In addition, users will receive text messages about acceptance of the request or for additional updates.
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