The surge in international visitors during the Qatar Economic Forum (QEF) 2024 witnessed a demand for luxury accommodations and dining experiences, boosting the country’s tourism sector, an industry expert said.
“This influx of visitors promotes inbound tourism and boosts demand for hotels, restaurants, transportation, and other hospitality services in Qatar and enhances the country’s reputation as a premier destination for business and leisure travel,” Outing Qatar founder and managing director Mosaad Moustafa Eleiwa told Gulf Times.
He stressed that such a prestigious event has become a cornerstone in attracting investors, fostering partnerships, and showcasing Qatar’s expanding economic landscape. The forum serves as a global platform for discussions on economic matters, investment opportunities, and networking, attracting a diverse array of participants, including diplomatic dignitaries, business leaders, and media representatives, according to Eleiwa.
Hosting high-profile events like QEF, he pointed out, also provides a unique opportunity to showcase Qatar’s rich cultural heritage and modern infrastructure. Eleiwa underlined the networking opportunities facilitated by QEF, where luxury tourism companies curate experiences for attendees: from hosting events on luxury yachts to exceptional car rental services.
What sets QEF apart from other events, according to Eleiwa, is its alignment with Qatar’s national strategy 2030, focusing on economic diversification, sustainable development, and investment in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and fintech.
“QEF stands out as a unique event in the country due to several distinctive features as with the high-profile attendees, influential decisions and partnerships can be easily made,” he said. Eleiwa said events and exhibitions related to QEF create additional business and job opportunities as he outlined its short-term, medium-term, and long-term implications on Qatar’s tourism and business sectors.
He added that the ease of establishing companies through the Qatar Financial Centre and other government institutions provided a platform for launching new businesses. He said this was evident in the recurring visits of company owners to the country, who had the opportunity to experience the city along with their families.
“Overall, QEF 2024 served as a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and action, laying the groundwork for advancing tourism, business, and investment in Qatar and the wider region. It underscored the importance of partnerships, innovation, and sustainability in driving economic development and prosperity for all,” Eleiwa added.