Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Anwar Ibrahim lauded Qatar and other mediators for their concerted efforts towards securing a ceasefire and ending the conflict in Gaza, highlighting the need for lasting peace in the region.
Speaking at a session during the Qatar Economic Forum 2024, Powered by Bloomberg, Dr Ibrahim expressed his support for the mediation initiatives led by Qatar, the Arab League, the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC), and the international community.
He stressed the importance of readiness to achieve peace and urged respect for the decisions and recommendations put forth by neighbouring countries. “What is their strong request? To stop the continued aggression, atrocities against children, (and) women due to the bombardment of Gaza and that includes the settlements... illegal occupation. We are talking about colonisation.
“What was discussed in Ukraine was about colonisation, it is robbing, it’s possession of other lands, that’s all, and for that, I am sympathetic with them,” said Ibrahim at the discussion, moderated by Bloomberg Television anchor Francine Lacqua.
Regarding Malaysia’s diplomatic relations, the Malaysian Prime Minister reiterated his country’s strong ties with China and the United States, noting the influx of investments from technology giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Nvidia. He cited Malaysia’s growing status as a semiconductor hub in the region in part due to American support.
He also outlined Malaysia’s focus on digital transformation, energy transition, and artificial intelligence as key drivers of progress for the nation. He commended Malaysia’s efforts in combating corruption, highlighting the impartial and independent work of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in upholding the rule of law.
About Malaysia’s role in the post-war scenario in Gaza, Dr Ibrahim acknowledged the country’s limitations as an emerging economy but asserted its commitment to assisting in any capacity possible. “We are a small country relatively struggling to survive as an emerging economy. That is why I maintain excellent relations with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Turkiye and get their sense on what to be done because it is our duty to do whatever is necessary given the limited of whatever capacity that we have,” he said, underscoring the importance of consulting regional partners and aligning with the positions advocated by organisations like the OIC.
Addressing the challenges faced by Malaysia, Dr Ibrahim stressed the need to prioritise humanitarian values, compassion, and human dignity alongside economic and developmental agendas. The prime minister’s remarks underscored Malaysia’s commitment to regional stability, diplomatic engagement, and principled governance in navigating complex geopolitical challenges and promoting peace in conflict-afflicted regions like Gaza.