The economic relationship between the United States and Qatar is ‘absolutely fabulous’ providing great opportunities for both the nations, noted US Ambassador Timmy Davis yesterday. Ambassador Davis was speaking to the media on the sidelines of the Qatar Economic Forum 2024 being held at Raffles and Fairmont Doha.

“It is not just because of what has already been done, but because of the opportunity in it what is going to come. I will lead a delegation of Qataris to Select USA, a forum where Qatari business leaders, Qatari government leaders would have opportunities to talk about how to invest in the United States. This relationship, I think can be a right model for the region. While Qatar is geographically smaller than some of the countries in the region, their ability to invest in the right places and create the right partners, is second to none in the region,” said Davis.

Answering a question from 'Gulf Times', Davis said that what Qatar wants to do, mirrors what they are best at. He explained: “Qatar has a burgeoning agriculture industry here. I know that is going to be part of how they want to invest in the United States. In fact, I think agriculture is going to be a major topic for Qatar. They are obviously interested in technology. I have a trip planned to Silicon Valley in June that will include talking about opportunities in cybersecurity. AI is going to be a big deal and so I can see Qatar investing in those areas in the United States.”

Ambassador Davis noted that the US offers immense opportunities for Qatar. He remarked: “We have always said that 50 states in the United States offer 50 or more different opportunities. Different tax structures, different visions for their future, the idea of sub national diplomacy, investment in the heartland in areas that don't get a lot of attention present a great deal of opportunity for Qatar and its businessmen.”

The envoy continued that he is quite excited and satisfied with the current economic relationship with Qatar and the United States and more excited about what is to come. As for the co-operation in the education sector, Ambassador Davis said that the US universities are doing an excellent service here in Qatar providing such a valuable service, not just for Qatar but for the region and beyond.

“The universities have done such a great service for people who could not have left Qatar to get an education in the United States. Having these six universities here, people come here from various parts of the world to these world-class universities. I find that absolutely heartening and remarkable. It says something about the ways we can absolutely work together.”

He also recalled his recent conversation with Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, chairperson of Qatar Foundation and how the vision of Her Highness is reshaping the education scenario in the country and the region. He also said that several US educational institutions have keen interest in collaborating with Qatar and several joint researches and collaborations are already underway between Qatar and the US institutes.