As part of the requirements for graduation, the eighth cohort master students of the two schools under the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) completed the discussions of their master’s theses and dissertation projects with topics on issues related to the reality of the Arab Region.

Dr Amal Ghazal, dean, School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SOSH), stated that 145 theses and graduation projects were defended. They highlighted the originality and quality of the presented work that showcased the students’ abilities to tackle research problems creatively and seriously.

Students from the eighth cohort in the School of Economics, Administration, and Public Policy (SEAPP) at the DI completed the defence of their graduation projects between April 16 and May 5, 2024.

Dr Ayhab Saad, dean, SEAPP, mentioned that 65 graduation projects and theses were defended this year, covering vital local, regional, and international issues, focusing on economics, policy-making, and research in the fields of institution and scientific organization management.

They covered master's programmes in Public Administration, Public Policy, and Development Economics, and the executive programs such as Executive Master in Public Administration and Dual Degree Executive Master in Business Administration and Public Administration.

The DI will hold the graduation ceremony for the eighth cohort of Master's students on May 18. The total number of graduates this year is 206, with 139 from the SOSH and 67 from the SEAPP.
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