Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), founded by Qatar Foundation (QF), and the Ministry of Labour (MoL), signed a working document on Sunday to frame cooperation between the two entities in the fields of training, employment, and career rehabilitation for people with disabilities.

The signing ceremony was attended by teams from both entities led by Saad al-Kharji, career Programmes and services manager at QCDC, and Mohamed Salem al-Khulaifi, assistant director of the Rehabilitation and Skills Development in the Private Sector Department at MoL, at QCDC's headquarters in Education City.

The document outlines the cooperation between QCDC and MoL to train and provide career development services to Qatari nationals with disabilities. This aims to integrate them into official state programs and events in line with their abilities and career aspirations.

Abdulrahman Telfat, director of the MoL's Rehabilitation and Skills Development Department emphasized that this agreement is part of efforts to rehabilitate the national workforce for the private sector. "The Ministry seeks to enable people with disabilities to obtain suitable job opportunities, ensuring their independence and integration into society," he said. He added that there is ongoing communication with institutions and major companies in the private sector to provide job opportunities or training for individuals with disabilities.

The newly signed document enables the Ministry and QCDC to further collaborate on implementing programs aimed at integrating people with disabilities into the workforce. QCDC executive director Abdulla al-Mansoori expressed his satisfaction with the partnership. "This frames our shared commitment to enhancing the skills and opportunities of people with disabilities in Qatar. I personally believe that this step and the long legacy of collaboration between our two organizations are the best ways for us to continue contributing to the prosperity of our society and the sustainable development of our nation."

The growing partnership builds on the success of QCDC's "EmpowerAbility" program, which involved major national institutions including the MoL, QF, Qatar University, and others. It provided career development services to 14 participants with disabilities, engaging them in various work environments to enhance their ability to integrate into the labor market. The impact of "EmpowerAbility" was showcased by the participants' contributions in organizing national Sports Day activations in 10 locations across the state.

The signing of the working document signifies the enduring strategic partnership between QCDC and MoL, and its long-term objectives of promoting inclusivity in training and employment, enhancing the qualifications of national talent, improving their readiness, and ensuring their ability to adapt to the dynamic nature of the job market.
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