The Qatar National Library (QNL) has announced on its website that it is hosting the “Third Forum on Heritage Management: Digital Access and Artificial Intelligence Applications,” on September 15-16, 2024.

The forum aims to explore this important aspect of the digital transformation of archival materials and exchange experiences and ideas about it. Traditional archives around the world cover huge and increasing amounts of historical data and information, which poses great challenges in preserving them and making them available for sustainable use. Digital technology offers important opportunities to improve the management and accessibility of archives.

The forum seeks to achieve the following objectives: To introduce the reality of digital documentary heritage within the broader international context and in Arab countries; familiarise participants with models of digital repositories for documentary heritage in governmental and private institutions within the cultural sector in Arab countries; explore future projects aimed at enhancing the reality of digital heritage in Arab countries as well as to build a collaborative community to support the digitisation of documentary heritage and facilitate its accessibility for researchers.

The topics will revolve around exploring the paths of digital transformation and their potential implications for the future of traditional archives, examining models of digital repositories housing heritage resources within libraries, cultural institutions and heritage organisations. In addition, it will address the challenges posed by the digital era to heritage: identifying risks, devising overcoming mechanisms, and proposing solutions. It will also discuss the requirements to enhance the digitisation of heritage in Arab countries and outlining future perspectives and in enhancing digital information management for improved usability and accessibility of archives. It will also delve into the concept and reality of digital heritage, considering both theoretical and practical aspects in the context of the artificial intelligence (AI).

Qatar National Library has invited those wishing to participate to submit the abstract of their contribution not exceeding one page by May 12, 2024. Participants will be notified of the acceptance of their abstracts no later than June 23, 2024. Research proposals are accepted in both Arabic and English. For more details visit the following website:

The forum targets heritage and historical sources officials, directors of the archives, documents and rare sources sectors in various ministries, government and private institutions, officials of digitising documentary heritage in libraries and cultural institutions, and experts in archiving heritage materials and rare documents.
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