Qatar’s pristine beaches have enticed many holiday-goers, luring them from the bustling tourist hubs towards tranquil coastal retreats this Eid al-Fitr break.

It is learnt that many residents and visitors have opted for the serene landscapes, quieter atmospheres, and potential for relaxation offered by the nation’s popular and lesser-known shores.

While Qatar boasts an array of most-visited beaches, such as Al Thakira, Al Wakrah and Sea Line, this Eid witnessed a surge in visitors to the more secluded gems like Al Kharaij, Al Mafjar, and Umm Bab coast.

These hidden coastal retreats provide a respite from crowded places, attracting discerning travelers seeking solace amidst nature’s embrace.

Filipino expatriate Andrey D shared his experience at Al Kharaij beach, nestled close to Umm Bab coast in the southwestern part of Qatar.

For him, it was a discovery – a serene sanctuary far from the bustling tourist spots.

“It’s quieter compared to the other beaches I’ve visited before,” Andrey said, noting the area’s ample camping space, clear waters, and pristine surroundings.

Despite some “minor challenges” on the road, he highlighted the accessibility of the beach, even for sedans, making it an ideal getaway just over an hour away from Doha.

“We enjoyed our overnight stay there with several families and friends this Eid break, and we plan to return there hopefully next year,” Andrey said, as he cited the potential development of the area to attract more campers, particularly during the colder months.

Meanwhile, Al Farkiah beach in Al Khor emerged as one of the favourites among families seeking a perfect blend of pleasant weather, clear waters, and recreational facilities.

The beach, renowned for its well-maintained premises and accessibility, witnessed a steady influx of visitors throughout the Eid holidays.

Families bonded over picnics, children played in the playgrounds, and many enjoyed the scenic views offered by this coastal gem.

Beyond these hidden havens, several other beaches across Qatar were also favoured holiday spots, drawing families and groups during Eid and in transitional periods between seasons.

Al Jassasiya beach, located near the Al Jassasiya rock carvings in the northeast, is dubbed as a hidden oasis as it hosts mangroves that provide an ideal backdrop to the pristine sands and crystalline waters.

According to Visit Qatar, Al Jassasiya boasts the most impressive rock-carving sites in Qatar, with 874 carvings, known as “petroglyphs”, dating back to Neolithic times.

As visitors explore these ancient wonders, they also immerse themselves in the tranquility of the beach, experiencing a harmonious blend of history and natural beauty.
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