A Qatar University professor has developed a “Mobile Smart Shower Room” that can be a great support for the elderly and the people with special needs.

The “Mobile Shower Room” invented and designed by Dr Ahmed Elkhatat , section head , Research Planning and Coordination, Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, and a teaching assistant in Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, QU, received great response when it was presented at the 8th edition of the programme ‘Stars of Science,’ an edutainment television programme by Qatar Foundation. The dedicated team to the programme worked on converting this design into a practical product that was tested on ground.

Dr Elkhatat, in the latest edition of QU research magazine, notes that simple and daily issues that are considered a normal part of life for some people, such as showering, in some cases, for people who suffer from certain disabilities may be considered a source of anxiety and embarrassment.

He highlights that the ‘Smart Shower Room’ was carefully designed to provide a safe, comfortable and integrated showering experience while maintaining the dignity of its users.

The ‘Smart Shower Room’ is distinguished by a strong building that uses fiberglass supported with epoxy and solid services, which achieves the maximum safety for users who may have balance problems. The system provides an emergency key to stop the process of showering immediately if any problem occurs to ensure more safety.

Furthermore, the design is focused on providing comfort to users by providing warm water and air from the beginning and controlling the temperature of water to the user’s wish is possible. The room is endowed with the design of its front door, which is designated for entry and exit. It is also possible to control the height of the chair, which is provided with marvellous arabesques. The warm upper cover is made from a water-resistant substance to provide a feeling of safety and privacy in addition to avoiding suffocation.

The room is equipped with a group of technically developed systems and machines. As for the mechanical aspect, there is a developed hydraulic system to pump water. It consists of a central pump to draw water from a tank equipped with a sensor to measure the water temperature and a sensor for the water level. The pump power is controlled by a separate frequency transformer to pump water efficiently through twenty bath nozzles.

There is also an air system responsible for the hot air flow that contributes to the process of drying after the shower. This system consists of a central fan that produces air with a certain flow heated through a strong heating element. Hot water is blown across special nozzles connected to a group of pipes. As for the electrical aspect, the room is equipped with electrical circuits and a control unit that enables the system to work efficiently. The room is equipped with a touch user interface, which enables the user to control several options to make this experience easier.

The mobile shower room is not only for providing the user with safety and comfort, but also for promoting self-confidence and a feeling of independence, which restores the user’s sense of dignity as well as the ability to live normally and independently.
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