The Centre for Indian Community (CIC), in collaboration with various NGOs, distributed more than 40,000 Iftar food kits to those in need across Qatar, a statement said.

"This remarkable effort has been made possible through the support and involvement of over 50 groups, individuals, and business establishments," it was explained.

Each day, iftar meals are provided to over 40 locations throughout Qatar, benefiting a wide range of individuals, from single recipients to groups of up to 800.

Under the leadership of Siddique Vengara, head of CIC's Rayyan Zonal social service wing, a team of 50 volunteers embarks on their mission daily, commencing their volunteer service at 3pm and continuing until iftar time.

The distribution of iftar meals specifically targets needy individuals in desert areas such as Umm Jeriyan, Karana, Umm Guran, Abu Naqla, Sheehaniya, and the Industrial Area. This service, initiated eight years ago, has continued unabated even during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apart from Siddique, the efforts of volunteers such as Thahir T K, Mohammed Haneefa, Fahad E K, Mohammed Rafeeq T A, Sakkeer Hussain T A, Sherin Ahmed, Noushad Olakara, Abdul Razak, Hashim Aziz, Rafeeq P C, Sharafudheen, Hamza T K, Sabir T, Haris Gafoor, Shareef, Sarthj, Sajir, Akber, Basheer, Shihabudheen, and Saifudeer are leading various volunteer groups across different locations each day.

Abdul Jaleel M M, secretary of CIC's Rayyan Zone, emphasised that the iftar kit distribution prioritises areas where government and Qatar charity tents are not present. He extended his gratitude to all organisations, individuals, and business groups who have contributed to this impactful project, underscoring the collective effort towards serving the community during Ramadan.
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