Not only an ideal place for Iftar and Suhoor this Ramadan, the lively ambiance of Doha's Souq Waqif heightens for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr festivities.

Featuring an array of offerings, from local and international cuisines to engaging cultural activities, Qatar’s celebrated marketplace has evolved into an essential destination for both residents and visitors.

Souq Waqif promises an enchanting Eid experience this year set against the backdrop of its historical charm.

Holiday-goers are poised to flock to this popular place, enticed by wholesome activities tailoured to delight all ages.

Among the highlights are a fireworks display, scheduled to illuminate the Eastern Square during the first four days of Eid, starting at 8.30pm, in addition to a number of fun-filled activities for families and children.

Dining enthusiasts find themselves spoilt for choice amid the diverse culinary landscape, featuring both local and international food.

From Arabic street foods like crepes and kunafa to the soothing indulgence of karak tea, the gastronomic offerings promise to lure taste buds and evoke a sense of culinary delight.

A restaurant staff told *Gulf Times that they are witnessing a busy pre-Eid period, citing a surge in customers, including international visitors, seeking traditional dining experiences.

She said the appeal of Souq Waqif, underlined by its pleasant atmosphere and wide range of offerings, continues to draw throngs of visitors, particularly during the evening hours when the Doha metro commuters join the fray.

Throughout its winding alleys, Souq Waqif reveals many treasures, including a birds and animal section that hosts well-loved and charming species like parrots; stalls showcasing traditional attire such as thobes and abayas; and several other shops that reflect Qatar’s rich cultural heritage.

As the Eid approaches, demand for these traditional garments remains high, with vendors preparing to receive eager Qatari patrons.

For those seeking to adorn themselves in traditional garments, an assortment of headwear such as the gatra and gahfiya are available at numerous shops, each exuding its unique charm.

Meanwhile, many visitors find themselves drawn by the captivating scents emanating from shelves adorned with saffron, dried flowers, and a variety of nuts and dried fruits at the stalls of local spice vendors.

Art enthusiasts have ample reason to visit the Souq Waqif Art Centre, which extends a warm invitation to those who want to explore the several artworks on display.

It also offers an opportunity to engage directly with local artists.
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