As the Eid al-Fitr holidays draw near, travelers from Qatar are eagerly preparing for their leisurely escapes, showcasing a range of preferences from luxurious indulgences to adventurous thrills, it is learnt.

According to prominent travel agencies in the country, their choices vary and reflect the diverse tastes and interests among citizens and residents.

Tawfeeq Travel Group chief executive Rehan Ali Syed shed light on the most sought-after destinations for both Qataris and residents.

“Everybody prefers to take short-haul flights for the short breaks so that they can spend more quality time with loved ones rather than spending time on long flights,” he said.

“Most popular destinations with the citizens and residents are Maldives, Dubai, Thailand, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Switzerland, Vietnam, and Bali,” Syed added. “All these destinations can provide the most desired break with relaxation, good weather, shopping and fun activities.”

He outlined the distinct preferences among travellers from Qatar, citing two main categories: One settles towards luxury travel, indulging in opulent hotel stays, private transfers, and elite dining experiences.

Syed noted that destinations such as Courchevel (France), Greece, Switzerland, France, and the UK are favoured by this group while adventurous souls seek thrill and nature, opting for wildlife safaris, snorkeling, or diving expeditions in destinations like the Maldives.

He said that Qatar residents consistently seek brief getaways to destinations like Georgia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Kazakhstan, choosing locales with good weather and hassle-free visa procedures, with visa-on-arrival options often dictating their final travel decisions.

For those seeking alternative experiences away from the crowds, Syed suggested destinations such as Salalah in Oman, Albania, Skopje (North Macedonia), Kyrgyzstan (often dubbed the “Switzerland of Central Asia”), Armenia, and Tbilisi (Georgia).

Echoing similar sentiments, Alpha Travel general manager Khaled Rustom highlighted the growing interest in Far East destinations such as Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam, particularly during the cherry blossom season when nature showcases its most splendid colours.

He underscored the trend of European vacations and cruise bookings for the summer, noting that Qatari travellers are increasingly drawn to the allure of cruising, especially with the sight of major ships docking at Doha Port.

When asked about potential emerging destinations for Qataris, Rustom stressed the significant potential of European countries if visa processes were streamlined, advocating for online visa applications without the need for appointments.
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