The Institute for Advanced Study in the Global South at Northwestern University in Qatar (#IAS_NUQ) launched the #IAS_NUQ Press, a new academic publishing house dedicated to capturing and amplifying diverse voices and narratives on the Global South.

As a multimodal and multilingual press, #IAS_NUQ Press will publish a variety of scholarly and creative media works, including academic papers, multimedia projects, and research briefs, in languages relevant to the work and made available in a unified, open-access repository. Media outputs will include scholarship and publications by #IAS_NUQ's fellows developed from its programs.
They include Arab Information and Media Studies (AIMS) workshops, the Southern Digitalities conference, and special projects from collaborations with partners and affiliates.

"The #IAS_NUQ Press is a significant milestone for Northwestern Qatar and #IAS_NUQ. Media scholarship and now publications will expand our impact and reach," said Marwan M. Kraidy, dean and CEO of Northwestern Qatar and founder of #IAS_NUQ.

"By embracing open access, multimodality, and multilingualism, #IAS_NUQ will provide access for our diverse voices from the Global South and scholars from other geographies and domains. This initiative will allow us to be globally resonant and locally relevant."

The Press' inaugural publication, "Developing Critical Security Studies from Doha - A Roundtable," which examines security and insecurity, interests, and cultures from the perspective of the Global South, materialized in partnership with the Arab Council for Social Science (ACSS) and is available in English and Arabic. It features a series of essays by faculty and researchers from Northwestern Qatar and the Critical Security Studies Hub at #IAS_NUQ, offering an inclusive and nuanced understanding of security and covering approaches within border, migration, legal, youth, and feminist studies.

"The publication's bilingual format and open-access nature exemplify our commitment to stimulate critical conversations around enduring questions and emerging challenges that confront the Global South. It is the first of many to come and an example of our collaborative spirit encouraging convergence of domains to expand reach," reflects Kraidy.

Since its founding in 2022, #IAS_NUQ, a research initiative dedicated to amplifying Northwestern Qatar scholarship and mediamaking, has supported faculty and student scholarship on the histories, cultures, societies, and media of the Global South through its flagship Global Undergraduate Fellowship, postdoctoral scholarship, Global Fellowship, and other research programs. With the launch of #IAS_NUQ Press, Northwestern Qatar can now expand to produce and publish evidence-based storytelling and creative media.
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