A Qatari tech company and ultra app is actively collaborating with new enterprises and innovative partners in the country, fostering a supportive ecosystem and setting an example of success.

Amid Qatar’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, homegrown brand Snoonu has taken an innovative approach to fostering local entrepreneurship through its unique strategy of partnering with local startups, according to Snoonu’s Product Marketing Manager, Andrew Edward.

“We’re currently collaborating with several local startups, providing them with mentorship and partnership opportunities. This approach not only supports the growth of these startups but also enhances Snoonu’s service offerings,” Edward told Gulf Times in an exclusive interview.

Citing Snoonu’s recent collaborations with Ooredoo as an example, Edward said the partnership has enabled Snoonu to integrate Ooredoo Money into their app, providing users with a seamless payment experience. “This is just one way of how we’re working with local businesses to enhance our app and support the local economy,” Edward said.

However, Edward underscored that the company’s commitment to local startups extends beyond mere partnerships, saying Snoonu is actively involved in mentoring these startups and helping them navigate the challenges of growth and market expansion.

Edward emphasised that this stems from the broader vision of Snoonu founder and chief executive Hamad Mubarak al-Hajri to support the local economy and serve as an example of a successful Qatari startup.

“Mr al-Hajri is particularly passionate about this vision. One of his goals is to show everyone that a Qatari local startup can do it and can be an example to many others,” Edward stressed.

As the company continues its collaborations with local startups, Edward said Snoonu is currently developing a comprehensive loyalty programme that will engage customers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, which is expected to further enhance user engagement and accelerate the company’s growth.

“Snoonu’s initiative to partner with local startups is not just a business strategy – it’s a commitment to fostering a vibrant and innovative tech ecosystem in Qatar. As Snoonu continues to grow and evolve, it’s clear that the company is not just delivering products; it’s delivering on its promise to support local entrepreneurship,” Edward pointed out.

Asked to provide an outlook for the country’s startup community for 2024, Edward said he believes that the growth of the startup culture in neighbouring GCC countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE “will not overshadow Qatar.”

“Instead, it will create a ripple effect, sparking more interest and investment opportunities in the region. The competition between these three countries is fueling growth in their respective startup cultures. This will benefit the local startup ecosystem here in Qatar, attracting more interest and investments,” Edward further explained.

He added: “Snoonu is not just observing these developments. It is actively participating in them through the company’s current collaborations with several local startups and by providing mentorship and partnership opportunities.”
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