Qatar Chamber chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim al-Thani has underscored the importance of strengthening public-private partnerships (PPPs) in key areas, such as petrochemicals, tourism, and education, in light of the Third National Development Strategy (NDS3) 2024-2030.
In the latest issue of Al Moltaqa, the chamber’s monthly economic magazine, Sheikh Khalifa stated that the launch of NDS3 reflects the country’s commitment to achieving Qatar National Vision 2030. The national vision was launched in 2008 with ambitious goals aimed at transforming Qatar into a developed nation capable of achieving sustainable development, he pointed out.
Sheikh Khalifa said, “The Third National Development Strategy 2024-2030 represents the final stage in realising the objectives outlined in this ambitious vision, which focuses on four key pillars: human development, social development, economic development, and environmental sustainability.
“The strategy assures the state’s interest in empowering the private sector and enhancing its role in driving economic growth. It underscores the development of the government’s role to enable the private sector to lead and drive economic growth.”
According to Sheikh Khalifa, the NDS3 aims at creating highly productive, specialised, and competitive economic groupings, which includes adopting rapid reforms in the business environment.
He said the strategy also encourages the active participation of leading national companies, foremost among which is the Qatar Investment Authority, to support the development of economic diversification groupings and quality innovations led mainly by businesses.
Sheikh Khalifa said, “Undoubtedly, the Wise Leadership provides significant and sustained support for the private sector as a genuine partner in the country’s overall development of the national economy. Therefore, the state’s incentives to support the private sector are essential drivers of its development and its role in the development process.”
Highlighting the private sector’s progress, Sheikh Khalifa noted: “In recent years, the private sector has demonstrated its capabilities and efficiency, achieving remarkable progress in industrial and agricultural projects. These projects have successfully enhanced the provision of strategic commodity needs and supported the flow of goods and products to the Qatari market.
“Additionally, providing more incentives for private sector enterprises in the industrial sector is fundamental. In fact, the development of the state's infrastructure provides an environment conducive to the private sector's progress and growth. This stimulates the private sector to forge new partnerships and alliances with global technology transfer companies and implement projects that add value to the national economy.”
Sheikh Khalifa added: ‘In this context, Qatar Chamber is committed to effectively engaging with relevant official and private authorities. It strives to provide all necessary facilities to private companies and institutions, aiming to create a pro-business environment. This consequently enables the private sector to pursue its active role in the development process and be an integral part of achieving the goals outlined in the Third National Development Strategy 2024-2030.”
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