, a London-based next-gen app development platform, is charting an ambitious expansion strategy in Qatar, according to the company’s top executive.
The plan promises to revolutionise Qatar’s entrepreneurial landscape and drive digital transformation across various sectors in the country, Sachin Dev Duggal, CEO and co-founder of, told Gulf Times.
Duggal, who believes in the country’s potential to become a global hub for innovation and economic diversification, emphasised that is poised to forge strategic collaborations with local entities, thus contributing to the realisation of the Qatar National Vision 2030.
He said, “We’re building a customer case study here across different markets and that’s immensely important. We want to get involved with the small business and I think that’s powerful because we can make an impression and support the country’s development plans.”
Duggal believes that establishing a local office presence in the country will help the company become better at serving customers in the market, citing Qatar as an additional home for in the region.
But the company’s aspirations extend far beyond mere customer support, noted Duggal, adding that not only aims to collaborate with small businesses, but to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem and develop applied academic skills.
According to Duggal, understands that entrepreneurship is vital in driving growth and economic diversification. He pointed out that the company aims to support entrepreneurs and startup founders in Qatar to realise their growth plans by providing them with accessible technological solutions.
“Among the challenges that we want to address is how could help the local entrepreneurial ecosystem realise their vision and dreams faster and how to build the relevant applied academic skill. ‘Applied’ is the key here: to investing in students, graduates, and PhD candidates in Qatar,” explained Duggal, who highlighted the importance of developing practical, industry-relevant skills.
Duggal also explained that this approach aims to open more avenues for Qataris pursuing higher education abroad to return to Qatar and address local challenges by utilising’s platform.
“There’s problems to be solved here. We’re here also trying to solve those problems,” Duggal emphasised.