Qatar’s potential as a premier maritime destination was highlighted at a recent event showcasing the state-of-the-art facilities of Old Doha Port and other marinas across the country.
During a recent media interaction for the upcoming Qatar Boat Show 2024, the organisers noted that currently providing 1,877 berths with plans for an additional 400, Qatar’s maritime infrastructure is poised for expansion to accommodate the growing demand.
According to the organisers, with six iconic marinas marking its coastline – Old Doha Port, Lusail, Ritz Carlton, Pearl Island, Four Seasons, and Doha Marriott – Qatar has a wealth of maritime services, offering not only berthing facilities but also an array of touristic experiences.
The appeal of Qatar’s maritime sector lies not only in its infrastructural prowess but also in its ability to cater to the elite, organisers noted. Hosting 108 Superyacht berths ranging from 40m to 160m, Qatar has become a favoured destination for luxury yacht owners seeking opulent harbours.
The landscape is further enriched by ongoing waterfront projects such as the West Bay North Beach and Lusail Waterfront Projects, promising unparalleled experiences for seafarers and tourists, organisers added.
Underlining the importance of the maritime sector, the organisers stressed the key role it plays in Qatar’s economy. The Old Doha Port alone, which has a total area of 800,000sqm, accommodates 450 berths for boats up to 160m in length. During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the port welcomed around 20 superyachts, setting the stage for a wave of tourism that continues to surge.
Old Doha Port chief executive Mohamad al-Mulla underscored Qatar’s commitment to providing exceptional touristic amenities, noting that the upcoming boat show would further solidify the nation’s position as a premier tourism destination. The event is scheduled to take place at the Old Doha Port from November 6 to 9.
With an anticipated $73.91bn in consumer spending predicted for the current year and estimates soaring to $91.03bn by 2029, Qatar's maritime industry emerges as a symbol of economic growth and vitality.
Hosting major international events such as the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Geneva International Motor Show and FIFA Arab Cup among others, Qatar Boat Show organisers noted that Qatar has cemented its reputation as a global hub for entertainment and commerce. Attracting in 4mn visitors in 2023 alone, Qatar has the fourth-highest GDP per capita globally, with an average annual income reaching $200,000.
The boat show, imeanwhile, poised to attract 495 exhibitors and brands alongside more than 20,000 visitors, aims to further boost the private sector, particularly maritime commercial entities, while fostering knowledge exchange to propel the sector forward.
The event will showcase 95 boats and watercraft, including locally-made vessels, highlighting Qatar’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the area of seafaring.
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