Barcelona: At the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC) held here, Huawei was awarded the GSMA GLOMO 'Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough' for its "0 Bit 0 Watt" solution, marking a first for network energy efficiency recognition. This solution, now implemented in over 30 networks globally, cuts daily energy use by up to 38% and significantly boosts user experience.
Huawei's RAN Digital Twin System (RDTS), part of its IntelligentRAN, also won the 'Best Network Software Breakthrough,' highlighting its innovative approach to wireless network autonomy and digital transformation. The RDTS, a pioneering development with AUTIN (a portmanteau of ‘automation’ and ‘intelligence’), creates a detailed digital twin of RAN environments, enhancing network decision-making and efficiency.
The award highlights Huawei's commitment to transforming software solutions tailored to customer needs, facilitating the creation of autonomous wireless networks and propelling the global digital and smart evolution of operator networks.
The GSMA judges praised the solution, noting that "Huawei's IntelligentRAN, by integrating digital twins into wireless networks, activates 5.5G inherent intelligence. This innovation continuously aids operators in reducing capital and operational expenses while boosting efficiency."
The collaboration between State Grid, China Unicom, Huawei, and TD Tech earned the 'Best Private Network Solution' Award for their 5G smart grid solution, demonstrating large-scale commercial advancements in 5G-powered smart grids. This solution leverages deterministic slicing and Reduced Capability (RedCap) technology for secure, cost-effective 5G deployment across power grids.
Meanwhile, China Unicom Guangdong and Huawei's 5G live streaming service received the 'Best Mobile Operator Service for Connected Consumers' award, showcasing the potential of 5G uplink bandwidth to enhance live streaming quality and user experience, setting a benchmark for global operators.
The service was designed to fulfill users' ultra-high uplink bandwidth requirements. They allow users to enjoy HD and uninterrupted live streaming experience, and set an example for other global operators looking to monetise 5G uplink bandwidth.
The Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) was founded in 1996 by GSMA, the organiser of MWC, to recognise all those who have made positive contributions to the development of the mobile communications industry. As the highest honour in the mobile communications industry, GLOMO focuses on recognising the industry's most original and outstanding technologies and products.
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