Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to play a big role for the next two decades or so, as what has been witnessed so far is just the beginning of a great revolution that is to unravel, a speaker at the Web Summit Qatar 2024 told Gulf Times.
“Every software is going to be affected by AI and we will witness many more transitions and changes in the coming years,” stated Ragy Thomas, founder and CEO of Sprinklr – an enterprise social technology serving more than 1,000 enterprise brands globally.
An innovative startup that provides a customer experience management platform, New York-based software company Sprinklr has already made a mark in the technology sector with its innovative software.
“Sprinklr provides a single platform for large businesses to do their entire customer services right from marketing and advertisement and to giving feedback on one single platform,” Thomas explained.
Many of the large companies in the world use the software for digital outreach. “Many of the social media ads use our platform. As many as 83 of the top 100 global companies use our platform. When you see the social media ads of a leading company, it is possible that the other side of the message is supported by Sprinklr,” Thomas remarked.
“We have 26 offices around the world and customers from all over the world as our companies operate in every part of the world,” he continued.
According to Thomas, Sprinklr integrates popular communication providers natively so the support teams can absorb both inbound and outbound voice calls with dexterity.
“Sprinklr platform helps to reduce the average handling time and cost with the Sprinklr’s AI-powered omnichannel ticket routing, automated workflows and AI-suggested responses. It can shift away from robotic, impersonal messages to conversational bots that can drive meaningful conversations and resolve issues with minimal agent intervention. It also helps deliver humanised support that can delight customers,” he highlighted.
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