HE the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohamed bin Ali al-Mannai has ensured that the government will support the private sector in driving Qatar’s digital economy.
The minister made the statement during a fireside chat with Euronews bureau chief and business presenter Guy Shone on ‘Qatar’s Plan for a Digital Future’ held on the sidelines of Web Summit Qatar 2024 Thursday.
During the fireside chat, the minister also focused on the key developments in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector and the outlines for the digital innovation plan in Qatar for the next five years.
Al-Mannai underscored the significance of the Digital Agenda 2030 in promoting a knowledge-based digital economy and boosting digital transformation across industries and highlighted the role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the success of Web Summit Qatar 2024 and the role of both SMEs and the private sector in bolstering the national digital economy.
Al-Mannai said, “Certainly, the digital economy is not driven by the government alone. It is primarily private-sector driven. Therefore, our relationships are built around co-operation with the private sector.
“In the national digital agenda, we provide direction about our goals so that they can support us in achieving them. The delivery of the national agenda doesn’t depend solely on the government, but it relies heavily on the private sector and individuals with talent to help us achieve our targets.”
The minister further said, “Therefore, the success or failure depends on three elements: the government, the private sector, and the individuals and talents that will help us achieve the set of targets for the national digital agenda...as part of the government, my role is to ensure the private sector that we’ve got your back, and we are here to help.”
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