The success of a business centres on investing in top-notch professionals, coupled with qualities like perseverance, collaboration, and a commitment to ongoing innovation, Snoonu co-founder and CEO Hamad al-Hajri has said.
“Get someone who you believe in and believe in you, get a team, you will never be able to do it alone,” he told attendees of Web Summit Qatar 2024 yesterday.
He spoke at a session, titled “The mindset of an entrepreneur”, sharing insights from his own entrepreneurial journey. He also discussed the merging of entrepreneurship and innovation, citing the limitless opportunities presented by the tech-driven future.
Al-Hajri recounted Snoonu’s own struggles, including a setback during their initial Series A funding round. This ultimately led to a triumphant turnaround through an unwavering focus on the customer and the resilience to overcome obstacles.
He underlined the key role of talent in driving success, citing his experience of investing in top-tier experts despite the initial financial strain. He noted that this decision paid off, propelling Snoonu to establish itself as one of Qatar’s leading delivery platforms, marked by considerable profitability.
“We are the highest recruiter from Qatar Foundation,” al-Hajri said, highlighting Snoonu’s role in fostering entrepreneurship and benefiting thousands of businesses within its ecosystem. His message shed light on the transformative power of allocating resources to talent.
He said Snoonu now employs around 68 nationalities, which contribute significantly in achieving the company’s objectives and goals.
Al-Hajri also stressed the importance of understanding oneself and choosing a path less ordinary. He presented two distinct routes: the usual path versus the ‘champion’ path of extreme dedication, noting that challenges are the stepping stones to greatness.
“Path number one, I would call it the ordinary path. You go to work, you do exactly what you have been ordered, you have a chill life, normal life, eight hours working every day. But when you are 65 years old, you will look back and see it was a boring life.
“And there’s the other path: Work extreme, work very hard, have a big dream, it’s stressful, but that stress is what's gonna stretch your muscles, you're gonna be stronger, you become better every day, and that's what you'd be in your mind.
“When you’re 65, you’re gonna look back, you'll feel proud and that path, it’s called the ‘champion’ path. You'll be champion only through challenge. Living an uncomfortable life will make you comfortable, you have to live that one,” al-Hajri said, encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace adversity and maintain a positive outlook.
Web Summit Qatar 2024 opened on February 26 and concluded yesterday (February 29) at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre, attracting thousands of participants from various parts of the world.
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