Qatar Tourism’s (QT) ‘Luminous Festival’ kicked off Wednesday at Lusail Boulevard’s Al Saad Plaza, featuring dazzling light shows, an array of interactive and immersive installations, and live entertainment.
Running until March 2 from 5pm to midnight daily, the 11-day event, organised in collaboration with Qatari Diar, is described as the country's largest light festival. It offers a fusion of Qatari heritage and contemporary culture through performances by acclaimed entertainment groups Candela and Boogie Woogie.
According to the organisers, the staging of this unique festival also marks the end of QT’s winter offerings that started last year, combining creativity and innovation suitable for all ages and tastes.
The lineup of activities, live music, and stage performances by international and regional artists at the festival is set to enthrall a large number of spectators and attendees. They will also have the opportunity to explore the festival’s five distinct zones.
The first zone, The Gateway, is crafted to ignite curiosity, narrating the festival’s tale through dynamic lights and expansive projections; while the Earth zone, adorned with garden-themed installations, enchants visitors with its fluorescent and interactive lighting that symbolises various elements of nature.
Organisers noted that the Water zone draws inspiration from various marine elements, especially the Darb Lusail Plaza Whale Shark. This section offers visitors an opportunity to discover the marvels of the ocean further.
The Fire zone provides warmth and luminescence with interactive installations inspired by ignition and fireworks; while the Air zone exhibits artworks themed around air and space.
The first part of the light shows feature LED ballerinas, scheduled until tomorrow (February 23) while glowing jugglers are set to captivate visitors from February 24-25. Other attractions include the Laser Man (February 29 to March 2) and the illusionist (March 2), in addition to other enchanting scenes, creating a spellbinding atmosphere throughout the festival grounds.
Apart from musical performances such as glowing water drums (daily except February 26 and 27), a three-hour DJ set (daily), and live sounds from Caravan Dream (February 21-24 and from February 29 to March 2), attendees can also engage with the educational and entertaining Tesla Interactive Science Show from February 25-27, featuring scientific displays.
Adding to the festivity are speed painting demonstrations by a talented artist (February 23-24) and glow-in-the-dark face painting for children (daily), ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.
QT noted that it remains committed to broadening its events calendar in line with Qatar’s growing popularity as a top family destination. Its collaboration with Qatari Diar to host this unique festival further solidifies its partnerships with various entities in the tourism sector.
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