QIB served as the ‘Platinum Sponsor’ for the 7th National Conference on Internal Auditing, themed ‘Be Brave’, recently organised by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA Qatar).
The participation in the event, which drew internal audit professionals from various sectors, showcased QIB's commitment to advancing the field of internal auditing and governance.
By endorsing initiatives that champion transparency and accountability, the bank reaffirmed its dedication to fostering a well-informed society, in alignment with Qatar's ambitious vision for 2030. Moreover, this collaboration underscores QIB's ongoing pledge to uphold corporate social responsibility principles as an integral part of its strategic objectives.
Representatives from QIB's Internal Audit department actively participated in the conference, exemplifying the bank's dedication to remain updated on the latest trends, methodologies, and innovations within the internal auditing field.
Reflecting on the event, Mahmoud Ghazzaoui, QIB’s chief internal audit officer said, "We are pleased to have participated in the IIA Qatar's 7th National Conference on Internal Auditing. As a leading financial institution in Qatar, QIB recognises the importance of continuous learning and professional development in the field of internal audit. We are happy to support this conference and contribute to the advancement of the profession."
The conference provided a platform for distinguished speakers and industry experts to impart valuable insights and expertise to participants, shedding light on the importance of internal audit in enhancing efficiency, refining oversight, and bolstering risk management practices.
By prioritising enriching educational experiences and facilitating networking opportunities, the conference aimed to empower internal auditors to embrace creativity and innovation in fulfilling their professional responsibilities.
Expressing gratitude for QIB's generous support, Sundaresan Rajeswar, Board Member, IIA Qatar, stated, "We extend our heartfelt appreciation to QIB for their invaluable contribution as the Platinum Sponsor of our 7th National Conference on Internal Auditing. Their steadfast dedication to excellence in internal audit perfectly aligns with the core objectives of our conference."
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