The US-Qatar Business Council (USQBC) in Doha recently hosted an exclusive private sector meeting and reception at the St. Regis Marsa Arabia Island to showcase leading American IT companies with established research and development centres in Central Asia.
The exclusive two-hour event provided a dynamic platform for exposure, networking, and developing business opportunities, bringing together key stakeholders from USQBC members, partners, and prominent private sector Qatari companies spanning diverse industries, including transportation and Avia (Autonomous Vehicle Industry Association), energy, construction, logistics, telecom, finance, healthcare, automotive, marketing, education, as well as technology and innovation.
USQBC managing director Sheikha Mayes al-Thani delivered a warm welcome, setting the stage for the evening. Anatoly Motkin, president of Strategeast, followed with insightful opening remarks, underscoring the strategic importance of the collaboration between the US and Qatar in the realm of technology.
The event delved into avenues for major Qatari companies to acquire software and digital services meeting Silicon Valley standards. Discussions centred on strategies to channel knowledge and talent, reinforcing Qatar's digital economy and positioning it as a leading regional technological hub.
Participating American IT companies, including EPAM, Exadel, Lineate, Eleks, and others, presented brief overviews of their businesses, showcasing their expertise and contributions to the technology sector. The event concluded with a vibrant networking reception, fostering connections and collaborations within the private sector community.
The USQBC is dedicated to enhancing trade and investment between the US and Qatar. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative events, the council aims to strengthen economic ties and foster growth in key sectors.
Strategeast is a leading organisation focused on promoting economic and strategic cooperation between countries. With a commitment to facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships, Strategeast plays a crucial role in bridging gaps and fostering collaboration on a global scale.
For more information on USQBC, visit or contact [email protected] to explore membership opportunities.
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