The Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha celebrated the National Day of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the presence of Christiana van der Waals, Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy of the Netherlands Christianne van der Wal-Zeggelink, Secretary-General of Expo 2023 Doha Mohamed Ali Al Khouri, HE Expo 2023 Doha Commissioner General, Ambassador Bader bin Omar Al Dafa, and members of the Dutch embassy and community in Qatar.
The ceremony began with opening remarks by representatives of the two countries, in which they praised Qatar's efforts in hosting the international horticultural expo and highlighted the well-established relationship between the two countries. The ceremony was followed by a tour of the pavilions of Qatar and the Netherlands.
The Dutch pavilion has 4 sections that include a miniature world with a special climate system, so that the visitor can learn about the most prominent Dutch innovations and sustainability methods in the fields of water, energy and food, in addition to highlighting the latest technical innovations in the field of sustainability.
The pavilion, which resembles the Mondrian Garden, a garden inspired by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, features three main colors: blue, red and yellow.
It introduces visitors to an inspiring and miniature model of an integrated bio-environmental unit, through a different vision for a sustainable green future that addresses the challenges of population growth and the increasing need for the main resources of water, energy and food. The pavilion visitors can learn about the latest water innovations used in the Netherlands in agriculture through generating water by condensation from the air and relying on clean electricity from solar energy.
The pavilion also showcases a number of Dutch plants and flowers. An electronic presentation introduces methods for growing many food plants, ways to support innovation in the Netherlands, and make sustainability a way of life for countries and individuals to follow suit.
The pavilion presents a palette of contrast between a desert garden with local plants and a Dutch garden with thriving green plants.
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