As many as 25 Canadian firms are expected to participate in the upcoming Web Summit Qatar, which is seen as a platform to explore, exchange, and open opportunities for collaboration in different tech-related sectors.
Yasser Dhouib, executive director of the Canadian-Qatari Business Forum (CQBF), told Gulf Times that the participating Canadian firms are specialising in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and high technology, among other industries. The summit will be held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) from February 26 to 29.
Dhouib noted that the CQBF delegation is “a diverse mix of startups, visionary investors,” and established businesses that are keen to explore “the untapped potential on both sides of the partnership.”
He said the delegation is set to make a significant mark at Web Summit Qatar, which serves as “a pivotal moment” for CQBF, “marking the beginning of its journey to facilitate robust business connections between Canada and Qatar.”
Dhouib said: “The forum’s participation in Web Summit Qatar is certainly an important opportunity to in bring several Canadian companies to the country for a full-fledged outreach in the Qatari business market and beyond the region. It demonstrates how CQBF can catalyse growth. From technology to healthcare, energy to finance, the forum envisions a comprehensive collaboration that transcends industries.”
He emphasised that Canadian companies are keen to open up to more promising markets in Asia and the Gulf region, “here many opportunities are awaiting the Canadian label and technology.”
According to Dhouib, the global flavour of the Web Summit is seen as a channel for “promising prospects” between Canada and Qatar considering that the event is seen as “the world’s largest gathering” for new technologies of the future, “which would certainly create an impact on how the business environment is going to change radically.”
“The CQBF is ready to offer networking and expertise in the country to get both Canadian and Qatari entrepreneurs to meet and exchange what’s best for their businesses.
“Of course, this entails challenges but also opportunities that should bind both countries, which are leaders in their respective regions and are interesting role models for many nations. AI and high technology will carry for the next years the interest of many business leaders and young entrepreneurs for the new shaping of an intelligent economy,” he pointed out.
Dhouib stressed that CQBF “places a strong emphasis” on talent development by connecting aspiring individuals with seasoned Canadian entrepreneurs. He noted that this focus on mentorship and collaboration aims to propel innovation and create a sustainable business landscape.
He said, “Canada and Qatar share a longstanding relationship built on mutual respect and cooperation. Recognising the untapped potential for economic collaboration, CQBF emerges as a bridge between the two nations, poised to unlock a new era of bilateral trade and investment opportunities. The forum aims to foster a thriving ecosystem where Canadian and Qatari businesses can seamlessly connect, collaborate, and prosper.
“CQBF aims to provide a platform for Canadian businesses to secure contracts in Qatar and explore export opportunities. Simultaneously, it opens doors for Qatari enterprises to expand their footprint in the Canadian market.”
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