Sartoro Geneve has unveiled its meticulously crafted pieces at the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition (DJWE) 2024, including the debut of Éclat creation from its Swiss Thematic High Jewellery Collection.
“Our existing collections are the pillars of our Maison, but we always have a new collection to introduce at the show (DJWE) because we love our clients here, and we thank them for their loyalty and trust,” Sartoro Geneve co-founder and CEO Arto Artinian told Gulf Times on the sidelines of the exhibition.
The renowned luxury brand marks its 10th year at the prestigious event and reaffirms its dedication to the Qatari clientele, showcasing iconic and signature creations. From the stunning Éclat to the captivating Gaia, each piece tells a story of artistry and elegance that reflect the Maison’s commitment to timeless design and ethical principles.
Éclat originates from the Swiss Collection, which draws its inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes and cultural heritage of Switzerland, the home-base of Sartoro. Each piece is imbued with the essence of the picturesque mountains, natural fauna, glamorous social gatherings, or iconic architectural marvels of the region.
The Gaia creation pays homage to timeless jewellery design, exuding innate allure while maintaining a delicate, elegant, and self-assured demeanor. As a cherished component of the Maison's High Jewellery collection, this carefully curated selection captivates with its iconic silhouettes and impeccable style.
“This year, we are having our Dualité collection, it's one of our latest fine jewellery novelties launching for DJWE 2024. Dualite has a very unique and distinctive design, an innovative creation.
“Apart from Dualite, we have our high jewellery collections. We as founders, are very passionate in gemstones. We love to collect rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. It has always been our family’s backbone,” said Arto, who was joined by his brother Saro, who is also co-founder and creative director of the brand.
Another highlight of the Sartoro collections is the Alba High Jewelry Set, symbolising the beauty of new beginnings with its radiant design.
Reflecting on the significance of the 20th DJWE and the 70th anniversary of Alfardan Jewellery, Arto shared his pride in being part of the celebration, saying: “It is very special for us to be here, we are proud to be part of Alfardan Group, our partners, and we feel like family, they welcomed us almost 12 years ago, in 2012, and we are very fortunate to be part of this great celebration."
He highlighted their strong bond and shared commitment to excellence with Alfardan Jewellery, thanking Alfardan Group chairman Hussain Ibrahim Alfardan for his visionary leadership and his company’s profound impact on Qatar’s jewellery industry and beyond and Ali Hussain Alfardan, vice chairman of Alfardan Group and president of Alfardan Jewellery for his trust and support in building a strong foundation and future together.
Arto also acknowledged the sophistication of the Qatar market, describing Qataris as jewellery connoisseurs who appreciate quality and craftsmanship.
Regarding DJWE, Arto expressed his admiration, labeling it as one of the premier jewellery exhibitions globally. He lauded the event's refinement, highlighting the exceptional quality of the exhibition, its excellent organisation, and the distinguished caliber of its attendees.
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