Renowned jewellery brand Shelley & Co returns to the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition (DJWE) this year, showcasing an array of exquisite collections – inspired by the beautiful world of diamonds and gems in various colours.
Sharing her insights into the inspiration behind the showcased pieces and the brand's unique approach to sourcing and crafting its jewellery, Shelley Kabilu, the owner of Shelley & Co, draws parallels between her designs and the nostalgic sweetness of childhood candies.
“They remind me of different candies I loved when growing up. I integrated my inspiration into the jewels. Pink diamonds, remind me of bubble gum. The various colour diamonds, and gems in unique beautiful pieces that are sweet, and pretty like your favourite candy,” she told Gulf Times.
Among the showcased collections are timeless classics such as the bridal collection, featuring diamond engagement rings, stud earrings, necklaces and solitaire pendants. Additionally, Shelley & Co introduces pieces from its new Constellation Spiral collection, a daily wear line inspired by the celestial beauty of galaxies and space.
The brand also unveiled its latest creation, the Equestrian Diamond Jewels collection, inspired by Kabilu's experiences at prestigious equestrian events in Doha, including Al Shaqab and the Longines Global Champion Tour.
“We have a collection for ladies and also a collection for men, including cufflinks and tie pins,” she added, stressing the brand's commitment to catering to diverse tastes and preferences.
About the sourcing and creation process of their unique diamonds, Kabilu elaborated on her extensive travels around the world to procure stones for clients and designs.
As one of more than 500 brands from 10 countries participating in DJWE, Kabilu said Shelley & Co distinguishes itself through its hands-on approach and commitment to excellence. She oversees every aspect of the design and production process, from sourcing stones to crafting the final piece — a rarity in the industry.
With a history of supplying stones and manufacturing jewellery for renowned brands, she noted that Shelley & Co brings a wealth of expertise and a personal touch to the exhibition.
Reflecting on previous experiences in Doha, particularly during the 19th edition of DJWE and the FIFA World Cup, Kabilu expressed admiration for the city’s transformation and its status as a global destination. She highlighted the importance of participating in such major events in strengthening the brand’s presence in Qatar and fostering connections with the local community.
“Participating in different events strengthens our connection to Doha and of the Shelley & Co brand to Qatar. We love it here and would love to have a Shelley & Co store in Doha one day,” Kabilu said, underlining the brand’s aspirations for future expansion and continued engagement with the vibrant Qatari market.
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