The 20th edition of the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition (DJWE) stands as a testimony to the robust partnership between Alfardan Jewellery and Vacheron Constantin, which is showcasing its latest collection and services to the Qatari collectors’ community.
Speaking to Gulf Times on the sidelines of the exhibition, Christophe Ramel, the Middle East regional brand director of Vacheron Constantin, emphasised that the brand is “a maison for connoisseurs” – for people who appreciate the art and tradition of fine watchmaking and who are part of a select group of “one of not many.”
Ramel pointed out that Vacheron Constantin’s production is “very limited” and caters to people who are fond of traditional watchmaking and savoir-faire (know-how). According to Ramel, the brand connects with its clientele on a deeper level by preserving its know-how and values and by catering to their preferences and culture.
He said, “Vacheron Constantin values preserving its know-how and its values, and connects with the Qatari collectors’ community, who share the same passion and appreciation for the brand.”
With a 269-year history and a proud heritage of watchmaking excellence, innovation, and tradition, Ramel said Vacheron Constantin has been careful at protecting and transmitting its savoir-faire from one watchmaker to another while remaining relevant to today’s clients. The brand has always been creative and pushed for excellence in its products, he noted.
Ramel said Vacheron Constantin has preserved the importance of craftsmanship in its maison, such as its handmade straps for collectors, which are on display at DJWE. The straps are made with high-quality materials and techniques, and reflect the brand’s attention to detail and aesthetics, he said, adding that the brand’s Overseas retrograde and the Overseas midsize could also be viewed at Vacheron Constantin’s boot inside the Alfardan Jewellery Pavilion.
He said, “The retrograde, is a complication that is very dear to Vacheron Constantin; we have it in our collection for more than 100 years. On the other hand, the midsize watches, with a diameter of around 35mm in steel and pink gold, have a lovely design and an interchangeable straps collection, making them versatile and elegant for both men and ladies.”
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