The Indian Doctors Club (IDC) of Qatar introduced its newly elected office-bearers at a ceremony recently.
Indian ambassador Vipul was the chief guest. Indian embassy first secretary Dr Vaibhav Tandale, KBF president Aji Kuriakose, Finq president Bejoy and Uniq president Lutfi Kalamban were the other guests.
Presiding over the function, Dr Joyal Jacob Mathew, chairman of the advisory council, oversaw the transition of the leadership as the outgoing president, Dr Biju Gafoor, handed over the coat of arms to Dr Saibu George, the newly elected president.
Dr George introduced his team for the new term, comprising vice presidents Dr Makhtoum Azeez and Dr Dhanya Prajeesh, along with various secretaries and co-ordinators. They are Dr Riny Showkath (general secretary), Dr Nadeer Pallimoopan (joint secretary), Dr Pravesh Jaguri (finance secretary), Dr Soni C Das (membership secretary), Dr Dhanya Prajeesh (sports secretary), Dr Sunil Hassan Koya (social welfare secretary), Dr Godwin Wilson (IT secretary), Dr Amit Verma (cultural secretary) Dr Merlin Mary Thomas (CME
co-ordinator). Rejil Jacob and Hussain Kombath will continue as event co-ordinators. Dr George outlined the vision of the IDC for the upcoming term.
Ambassador Vipul commended the doctors' community for their significant contributions, encouraging the IDC to persist in supporting the community and its citizens. The IDC unveiled a commemorative souvenir and coffee table book celebrating 25 years in Qatar. The first copy was handed over by Vipul to Dr Tandale.
The event acknowledged the efforts of the previous committee officials Dr Anoj Cherian George and Dr Anwar Mohamed, for their outstanding contributions to IDC.
The ceremony was further enriched by a cultural event 'Rang Barse,' which showcased the talents of IDC members and their families. Dr Riny Showkath welcomed the IDC family, while Dr Sanoj Ali and his team of young Masters of Ceremonies conducted the cultural extravaganza, featuring dance routines and performances. Dr Anoj Cherian proposed a vote of thanks.
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