Maximising technological advancements currently available in the market could play a pivotal role in enhancing the experience of tourists visiting the country, according to a Doha-based startup founder.
Michael Javier, founder and CEO of fintech firm CWallet, stated that visitors to Qatar could benefit from the solutions provided by different startups and tech firms catering to tourists and the tourism industry.
“Technology will ease tourists’ worries and simplify their journey while they are enjoying their visit to Qatar. Having cross-functional tech will provide a plethora of information for visitors here, plus various options from accommodations, gastronomy, and simplified payment transactions while staying in Qatar,” Javier told Gulf Times.
Javier also emphasised that migrating from cash to digital payments, especially among small retailers, will help boost tourists’ experience considering that they prefer to use credit cards or digital transactions.
“Aside from simplified payments and cashless transactions, the rates should also be competitive. Allowing tourists to download and register local apps, such as delivery, wallets, and government, for example, will allow them to access good deals, better options and FAQs to know more about the culture and to explore the best places to visit,” he pointed out.
Javier emphasised that tech startups in the country should leverage the partnerships that Qatar has forged with leading global companies as part of the government’s efforts to roll out the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing.
Qatar’s collaboration with tech giants like Google and Microsoft has allowed the government and key stakeholders to align with the objectives of global tech players, said Javier, who added that by having local cloud providers, data is now being hosted locally or “on-prem,” which will support local startups and tech providers from a regulatory perspective.
Javier also noted that while startups in Qatar “are trailing behind their regional counterparts,” many of these companies have learned a lot from the experience of successful founders, investors, and other stakeholders in the last three to five years.
“This is why I believe a breakthrough for the country should be on the horizon. The objective now is to keep pushing forward faster. Keep dreaming big and do not hesitate to solve the problems ahead. In time, this mindset will contribute to discovering different ways to accomplish the task at hand and enhancing sectors like ICT,” Javier explained.
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