The US-Qatar Business Council (USQBC) is planning a series of events to support the participants of the upcoming SelectUSA Investment Summit, an official has said.
In an interview with Gulf Times, Sheikha Mayes al-Thani, managing director of USQBC in Qatar, elaborated on the benefits that Qatari businesspeople would gain from participating in the summit, which is slated on June 23-26 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Centre in National Harbour, Maryland.
She said the SelectUSA Investment Summit provides businesses with valuable networking opportunities, including opportunities to speak with investors, professionals, and experts. She noted that it also exposes businesses to a broader audience and enhances their visibility through media mileage.
Sheikha Mayes said the event facilitates knowledge sharing through a series of panel discussions and workshops, which will provide insight for strategic decision-making. She noted that companies can explore opportunities to secure deals, form partnerships, establish credibility by associating with reputable events, and gather market intelligence, which is crucial to remaining competitive and adhering to laws and regulations.
“The USQBC reiterates what has been recently announced, the signing of the US Trade and Investment Strategic Partnership Memorandum of Agreement between the International Trade Administration (ITA), the US Department of Commerce, and the US-Qatar Business Council. Having experienced SelectUSA 2023’s success, we are very excited about this collaboration.
“Through our collaboration with ITA and the American embassy in Doha, we are planning a series of events to support SelectUSA Investment Summit participants. The events will offer a lot of information about how to navigate and get the most out of attending, as well as various insights and strategies,” Sheikha Mayes pointed out.
According to Sheikha Mayes, a comprehensive strategy was proposed to raise awareness of bilateral trade and investment between Qatar and the US. She said the plan involves active engagement with local business networks, government agencies, and industry groups through event participation and collaborative workshops.
“Educational seminars will be organised, featuring insights from experts and officials from both countries. Efforts are also focused on connecting with business associations, participating in forums, and collaborating on initiatives promoting bilateral trade. Partnerships with US economic development agencies and trade promotion platforms will provide valuable resources and support.
“Virtual events and webinars are conducted to bring stakeholders together to discuss market trends and regulatory environments. Building strong relationships with key stakeholders in both countries and a commitment to continuous monitoring and adaptation ensure the strategy’s effectiveness over time,” she explained.
Asked about the main sectors and industries that have the most opportunities for growth and partnerships between Qatari and American firms, Sheikha Mayes said collaboration between both countries’ companies holds significant potential across various sectors.
Sheikha Mayes said Qatar’s strong presence in the energy sector, particularly in natural gas and petrochemicals, can be leveraged through technological collaboration and mutual investment. In technology and innovation, she emphasised that there are opportunities for American firms to contribute expertise, while Qatari firms provide investment and market access.
“The healthcare sector offers avenues for collaboration in medical research, pharmaceuticals, and infrastructure development. In aerospace and defence, considering Qatar’s interest in bolstering its defence capabilities, collaboration in aviation and military equipment is promising.
“Both countries’ vibrant tourism industries provide room for growth through collaborations in tourism infrastructure, hospitality management, and cultural exchanges. Additionally, addressing challenges in agribusiness, food production, and food security through collaborative initiatives contributes to sustainable development in these sectors,” Sheikha Mayes added.
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