The Souq Waqif Art Centre in Doha – in a powerful expression of solidarity and a call for peace – will soon host an exhibition featuring around 26 paintings by Doha-based artists, it is learnt.
These works focus on the dire conditions faced by Palestinians in Gaza and advocate for a lasting solution to the ongoing conflicts in the region.
Among the participating artists is Syrian expatriate Issa Awad, who has called Qatar home for 13 years.
While many of his artworks beautifully capture cultural landmarks in Qatar, his latest piece takes a deeply moving and emotional direction.
Speaking to Gulf Times, Awad said the painting depicts a child in Gaza standing amidst the ruins of a flattened building, gazing at the Dome of the Rock.
He said the message is clear – a plea for peace and a better future for Palestine.
“There is no need for war and conflicts anywhere in the world, including Syria, Iraq, and Palestine, because ordinary people, especially women, children, and old people, are suffering from it,” he stressed.
The exhibition, set to run from December 25 for a month at Souq Waqif Art Centre, will feature Awad's work and contributions from other artists of diverse nationalities, including those from Syria, Egypt, Palestine, India, Thailand, and the Philippines.
Filipino expatriate Dawud Gabres is another artist contributing to the cause.
His portraits, ranging from His Highness the Amir to celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, have gained recognition.
Gabres’s latest work shines a spotlight on the “emotionally challenging reality” of the Palestinian crisis, portraying children who have lost everything amid relentless Israeli bombardment.
He highlighted the power of art to convey the harsh realities of conflict, saying: “The world must know what is happening in Gaza, and that our countries should be free ... no conflicts and wars. There should not be any chaos, and we can express these things through art.”
The artist said the exhibition serves as a platform to raise awareness about the ongoing crisis in Gaza, promoting a message of peace and unity.
According to the two artists, the proceeds generated from the sale of artworks will be donated to support the people of Palestine in Gaza.
The exhibition is open to the public, encouraging Qatar residents and visitors to witness and connect with the impactful stories conveyed by the artists.
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