The culmination of the World Arabian Horse Championship 2023 was nothing short of a mesmerising spectacle, as the night sky over Doha erupted in a dazzling array of celebratory lights. The jubilant festivities marked the triumphant conclusion of the championship, with vibrant bursts of color painting a vivid tapestry against the darkness.
The atmosphere was charged with excitement and joy as participants, spectators, and organizers alike joined in the revelry, celebrating the achievements, grace, and beauty witnessed throughout the event.
The World Arabian Horse Championship 2023 concluded on a high note at the historic Old Doha Port. The final day witnessed awe-inspiring performances and the presentation of prestigious awards, creating an unforgettable chapter in the world of Arabian horse competitions.
In a ceremonial transition symbolizing the seamless passage of responsibility, Bader Mohamed al-Darwish, director of the Qatar's WAHC 2023 edition, gracefully handed over the distinguished WAHC 2023 flag to Jean Luc Poulain, the incoming organiser and president of CENECA.
During the final day competitions, Shahalel AlShaqab seized the limelight, claiming the gold with a commanding first position in the Yearling Fillies Section (Classes 1A, 1B). Shahbrys HVP showcased excellence, securing the silver at a remarkable second place, while Samirah Alymeen gracefully earned the Bronze in the 3rd position.
D Beisan captivated the audience, achieving Gold in the Junior Fillies Section (Classes 2A, 2B) with a stunning 1st place. Nourah Al Khalediah demonstrated exceptional performance, securing the Silver at 2nd place, and TM Bella stole hearts with a Bronze finish in 3rd place.
The Senior Mares Section (Classes 3A, 3B) unfolded with intense competition. D Shihanah emerged victorious, clinching the Gold with a stellar 1st place. Basmah Al Bidayer showcased elegance, earning the Silver in 2nd place, while Bshaier Al Nasser secured the Bronze with a commendable 3rd place.
Amidst the triumphs of the third day at the World Arabian Horse Championship 2023, Sari Ajmal emerged as an undisputed luminary in the Yearling Colts Section, securing the prestigious Gold in both Classes 4A and 4B. His majestic presence, coupled with a performance of unparalleled precision and poise, not only claimed victory but also cemented his status as a symbol of excellence in the realm of Arabian equine prowess. LR Anselmo's Silver win highlighted an extraordinary display of skill, while Sahm Sarm's Bronze victory added a dynamic dimension to the podium, showcasing the diverse talents within the Yearling Colts Section.
In the Junior Colts Section (Classes 5A and 5B), the spotlight gleamed on D Shahhar, whose performance not only earned him the coveted Gold but also captivated judges and spectators alike with its mesmerizing quality. Lehon's Silver win, characterized by graceful strides and innate elegance, reflected the inherent artistry of Arabian horse competitions, while D Sharar's Bronze underscored the formidable depth of talent within this fiercely competitive category. The Junior Colts Section not only revealed champions but also unfolded a vivid tapestry of vibrant, youthful exuberance that embodies the promising future of Arabian horse competitions.
The Senior Stallions Section unfolded as a majestic spectacle, witnessing Excalibur EA ascend to the pinnacle by claiming the Gold in both Classes 6A and 6B. EKS Farajj's Silver victory epitomized the enduring strength and regality of senior stallions, while Sultan Al Enaya's Bronze added a touch of distinction to the podium, culminating in a spectacular showcase of Arabian horse excellence on the championship's third day.
And in a spectacular showcase of equestrian excellence at the World Arabian Horse Championship 2023, Anood Al Nasser has gracefully ascended to victory, securing the prestigious "Mares Platinum Championship." Anood's allure and elegance have not only elevated her to triumph but have also established a new standard of distinction, firmly placing her among the elite in the realm of Arabian horse competitions. Her triumph in this esteemed category serves as a testament to the exceptional qualities that epitomize Arabian mares of the highest pedigree.
The resounding success of the Dubai Arabian Horse Stud reverberated throughout the championship, culminating not only in triumphs but also in the coveted "Farm of the Year Award." This esteemed accolade is a recognition of the stud's unwavering commitment to the art of breeding and nurturing outstanding Arabian horses. Their relentless pursuit of excellence, evident in the superior quality of their equine companions, has propelled them to the zenith of recognition, establishing them as a guiding light in the global Arabian horse breeding community.
Individual achievements further adorned the championship, with D Beisan attaining the distinguished title of "Highest Score," a resounding testament to the horse's exceptional performance. Simultaneously, Dubai Arabian Horse Stud once again took center stage, being bestowed with the prestigious "Best Breeder/Horse Owner" award. The acknowledgment of FA El Rasheem as the "Best Sire" reaffirms the stud's dedication to producing top-tier Arabian horses. Notably, EKS Alihandro and Sundown K.A. claimed their respective titles in the "Stallions Platinum Championship" and "Stallions Platinum Reserved Championship," adding an extra layer of glory to Dubai Arabian Horse Stud's exceptional triumphs at the zenith of the equestrian world.
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