Qatar’s entrepreneurial drive to expand globally presents “a unique opportunity” for companies from Pakistan that are specialising in Information Technology (IT), according to Umar Saif, Minister of IT & Telecommunication.
Saif made the statement during the ‘Pakistan-Qatar IT Conference’ hosted on Sunday in Doha by the Pakistan Business Council Qatar, in partnership with the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC).
“Pakistan is all set to become a digital corridor of connectivity for China and Central Asian states. Pakistan is finally beginning to see the political and economic stability that we've long longed for in the country.
“We’ve now arrived here to do business and to be part of the growth story that Qatar presents,” Saif explained, adding that some top 30 companies from Pakistan participated in the IT conference.
He said, “We’ll get many Pakistani companies to come here, through the Qatar Financial Centre, to become part of this ecosystem, to expand here and do business, but also use this opportunity to partner with businesses in Qatar and expand globally, just as Qatar has expanded globally with their business ambitions.”
Saif said the participating Pakistani companies are focusing on different key areas that are of strategic importance for Qatar, such as fintech, cybersecurity, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
“These are strategic tactical technologies that every country must acquire. Qatar has a lot of in-home capacity and they're looking to enhance that. Qatar is looking to expand on that and looking to specifically partner with Pakistani companies in all three domains,” he noted.
Pakistan ambassador Dr Mohamed Aejaz said co-operation in the IT sector will open a new, highly potential dimension for fostering a secure technological ecosystem and enhancing mutual trade and economic ties.
QFC CEO Yousuf Mohamed al-Jaida said QFC is dedicated to cultivating an environment that encourages robust knowledge exchange, propels IT development, and embraces the seamless adoption of digital innovations.
“With a flourishing economy, a state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure, a favourable business ecosystem, and a robust digital development agenda, Qatar stands out as an ideal destination for IT enterprises and professionals. And in this context, I see a compelling alignment between Qatar and Pakistan,” al-Jaida said in his speech.