Qatar Museums (QM) will kick-start December with a range of new activities and workshops for all ages. Spanning various venues, QM invites residents and visitors to attend, and explore the world of art, culture, and heritage.
The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) have a diverse roster of programmes available for the public to participate this December, including coffee related activities related to the Growing Kopi exhibition, and a storytelling session for children.
Latte Art Competition on December 2, 3pm – 7pm will see baristas' creativity as they craft latte designs. Those who want to participate can book a spot via the NMoQ website.
Jassem and the Pearl of Aspiration on December 2, 4pm – 5pm, is a storytelling session, after which children under 12 can take home their own handmade memento. Registration is by e-mailing [email protected].
Coffee alternative – Date pits coffee - December 1, 11am – 2pm; December 2, 3pm – 6pm - will see using date pits to brew a beverage that is both decaf and delicious.
Sustainability & Coffee, December 7, 5pm – 7pm - is a discussion on sustainability and coffee, exploring the intersection of eco-conscious practices and the coffee industry. The speakers are Dr Aspa (ecologist, research scientist), Mohammed H Abu-Dieyeh (professor, plant science) and Ghanim al-Sulaiti (entrepreneur in the coffee industry).
A Story of Arabic Coffee, December 19 and 26, 1pm – 2:30pm (English) - Participants will learn about the history of Arabic coffee as well as the traditions, necessary equipment and rituals related to preparing and serving the Gahwa in Qatar.
In conjunction with Dan Flavin | Donald Judd: Doha at QM Gallery Al Riwaq, Qatar Museums will continue to host workshops for families and children each month until the close of the exhibition in February 2024.
Light and Shadow, December 2, 16 and 30, from 10am – 12noon - Encourage observation to understand how light and space work. Everyday Objects, December 9 and 23; 10am – 12noon - Collect found objects and arrange them into minimalist sculptures.
In addition to public workshops, exhibition organisers will run various guided tours for schools, universities, and teachers and educators.
For schools - Sunday to Wednesday: 10am – 12noon; for universities - Monday and Wednesday: 2pm – 4pm, and 4pm – 6pm; for educators and teachers - Thursday: 12noon – 2pm. To reserve space, or to enquire about guided tours, please contact: [email protected].
The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) will host various activities in December, including workshops related to the Fashioning an Empire: Textiles from Safavid Iran exhibition, their monthly story time session, and a family day to mark Qatar National Day. In addition, MIA Library has opened its rare book room displaying highlights of Palestine’s history.
Carpets from Isfahan – Drop In Session - December 1: 4pm – 6pm. Families are in invited to a drop-in session in the MIA Atrium. Participants can create their own carpet from Isfahan, using geometrical shapes and colours.
Family Day - Post Cards - December 16: 4pm – 6pm - In honour of Qatar National Day, MIA invites the public to join them for a Family Day in the Atrium, and create their own post cards inspired by MIA’s rich collection.
Planet Kids Club - Qitt The Sand Cat - December 26: 4pm – 5pm - Different activities all created under an overarching theme of protecting the planet. The workshop, in English and Arabic, is limited to 30 spaces. E-mail [email protected].
The public art department at QM will be hosting a talk around World Wide Walls – an international mural programme, a public talk discussing the inspiration behind “Shelters by Marco Bruno”, as well as an Art Talk for students at Liwan.
On December 3 at 5pm, at Liwan Design Studios and Labs, the Annual Intervention Public Art Talk will discuss the journey and inspiration of the placemaking artwork “Shelters” by Marco Bruno and Michael Perrone.
On December 3 at 6pm at Liwan, the artistic journeys of the Students Public Art Competitions will be unveiled. The winners Ibrahim El Kilani and Doaa Emam will discuss their artworks, the inspirations behind their pieces, the creative processes, and the symbolic layers, while also explaining the practical and technical challenges.
On December 4 at 4pm, World Wide Walls: Doha, an international mural programme in the Mina District at Doha Old Port, will host a public art talk with the visiting and local artists.
In December, 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum will host a family day to mark Qatar National Day, and a winter camp to commemorate Qatar as host of the upcoming Asian Cup.
From December 27-28; 9am – 1pm - 3-2-1 will host a winter camp where children will embark on a journey to discover the world of football and explore Qatar as the host of the upcoming Asian Cup. Registration at
On December 2, 4pm – 5pm, join 3-2-1 for a day of creativity at a Family Day event on Qatar National Day, and take part in traditional children’s games and engaging activities. No registration required.
Fire Station: Artists in Residence (AIR) engages the public in December with a panel discussion. Creativity Within You: Creative Blocks & Brand Identity - December 4: 6pm – 7pm - A panel discussion featuring N&LS (AIR 7), Fatima Al Yousef (AIR 6), Yousef Fakhroo (AIR 7), Michael Hersrud, moderated by Sarah al-Ansari. Register by emailing: [email protected].
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