The US-Qatar Business Council (USQBC) has announced the addition of KRH to its esteemed membership. This collaboration represents a substantial step in advancing economic co-operation and cultivating business prospects between the US and Qatar.
The USQBC, a prominent advocate for fostering mutual economic growth, works diligently to develop and support business ties between the two nations. With a vision of creating a seamless and lasting partnership based on shared interests and robust connections in bilateral relations, including business and culture, the council is dedicated to nurturing and enhancing the relationship between the US and Qatar.
Since 1991, KRH has been the pioneer in providing cutting-edge logistic support services to the defence industry, particularly the US Army prime contractors. As the industry evolved in the last 10 years, KRH was lean to evolve and become a globally built company serving its clients in the heart of the Middle East.
Their deep understanding of their client’s changing needs drives them at KRH to continuously innovate to address client challenges and celebrate success together.
KRH operates as Quality Resources House (QRH) in Qatar as a fully owned subsidiary.
Sheikha Mayes Hamad al-Thani, managing director of the USQBC in Qatar, welcomed KRH with the following statement: “I am pleased to welcome KRH to the council. As the council continues to grow, we are delighted to welcome new members whose contributions bring new ideas and energy.”
Joining the USQBC demonstrates KRH’s commitment to expanding its global reach and actively participating in the economic growth of the region. This affiliation will enable KRH to leverage the council’s extensive network, expertise, and resources to establish and enhance business connections with Qatari and American partners.
Nick Hook, chief commercial officer at KRH, stated: “2024 will be an interesting time for KRH in Qatar as we use our regional past performance to leverage our ability to bid on and win local contracts in growth sectors.
“We also aim to utilise and strengthen our network in the state to identify new business verticals that we have previously not penetrated, working closely with our business development function and our local business partners.”
He added: “Our regional US Government Department of Defence (CENTCOM region) support remains strong in Qatar as we aim to utilise our HR and life support services capability to gain more business and offer cost-effective integrated solutions to new clients. Our presence in Al-Udeid Air Base remains an important part of our portfolio in support of several large US contracts.”
Through participation in USQBC events and initiatives, KRH aims to strengthen its presence in the Qatar market and explore new avenues for co-operation and growth.
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