The “Beauties of Czechia” exhibition has opened at Katara – the Cultural Village, featuring of 37 photographs by renowned Czech artist Lebor Svatik that shine a spotlight on nature’s grandeur and various landmarks.
Katara deputy director-general and human resources director Saif Saad al-Dosari and Czech ambassador Peter Chalupsky inaugurated the exhibition in the presence of several other ambassadors and representatives from various missions in Doha, among other guests.
In a press statement, al-Dosari stressed that the exhibition forms part of Katara's mission to build bridges of communication and co-operation between different cultures and peoples.
He noted that this occasion serves as an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and cultural diversity of the Czech Republic.
Al-Dosari highlighted the importance of art exhibitions within Katara’s cultural programming, noting that their value extends beyond artistic and creative aspects.
He said these kinds of shows act as diverse channels for gaining insights into different cultures and societies – an objective that Katara actively seeks to fulfill through a range of events and activities.
Chalupsky told Gulf Times that the exhibition aims to introduce the Czech Republic to the public in Qatar “in a cozy, family-like manner” by broadening their knowledge about his country.
“We are trying to explain that the country is not only Prague, the capital, but also the other regions,” the envoy said. “There are things that are very interesting to visit (in the Czech Republic).”
“If you're into sports, if you're into culture or music, there's always a great possibility to have a great time with you and your family,” Chalupsky added.
He expressed optimism that “Beauties of Czechia” will be the first of many exhibitions to follow in the future, as he thanked Katara for the collaboration in organising the exhibition.
Through the diverse images, the envoy said Svatik showcased the beauty of various places in the Czech Republic.
These include natural landscapes, palaces, and cities, encouraging Qataris and people of various nationalities to discover and visit his country, which he described as a captivating tourist destination.
Citing an increasing number of visitors from Qatar to the Czech Republic, Chalupsky said the twice-daily flights have significantly helped in attracting more travellers from Qatar and the region.
However, he noted that many visitors still concentrate on the capital Prague, and on the western part of the country where there are spa towns that it is famous for.
“Again the purpose of this exhibition is also to remind them that the country is broader than that ... so we would of course like our Qatari friends and partners to come and visit more places in the Czech Republic than just Prague or the spas in Western Bohemia, although they're always welcome there too,” the envoy said.
“There’s tremendous possibilities for sports in the mountains, on the lakes, there’s water sport, water skiing,” Chalupsky said. “There’s culture, Czech classical music as we’re famous for, theatres all over the place so everybody can choose whatever they like.”
Svatik, who was born on March 6, 1967, in Cesky Krumlov – one of Czech Republic's most beautiful historical cities – developed his talent from a young age, driven by a passion for capturing images that showcase the beauty of nature, architectural heritage, and the transient moments of life.
His images mirror his commitment to his craft, his fascination with modern technology, and artistic expression, and his unwavering dedication to creating high-quality photographic content.
With a particular emphasis on aerial photography, he has published 23 photographic booklets that offer insights into the Czech Republic.
The artist’s works will be displayed at Katara’s Building 47, Hall 1, until November 29 (10am to 10pm).