The Philippine embassy in Qatar has extended airport assistance to 35 Filipino nationals displaced from their homes in the Gaza Strip. According to the embassy’s post on Facebook, the Filipinos – comprising the first batch of nationals residing in the Gaza Strip, were en route to Manila from Cairo via a layover in Doha's Hamad International Airport.
This group exited the Rafah border crossing in Egypt on November 9. The Philippine embassy in Egypt, led by ambassador to Egypt Ezzedin Tago, played a key role in assisting these individuals during their journey, the post said.
Embassy officers and staff, led by Tago, had earlier provided support to the group at the Cairo International Airport, making arrangements for essential services such as medical checkups, visas, and flights. The embassy’s proactive measures ensured a smooth transition for these displaced individuals.
Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Enrique A Manalo, in a post on X (formerly Twitter), thanked the Qatar government for its “crucial mediation efforts in the opening of the Rafah border crossing, allowing foreign nationals, including Filipinos, to exit Gaza.” He also highlighted the unity between the Philippines and Qatar in their shared goal of achieving lasting peace in the region.
Meanwhile, as part of their ongoing efforts, an embassy team (mission in Egypt) led by Vice-Consul Bojer Capati remains stationed near the Rafah border, ready to receive and assist more Filipinos seeking repatriation, the post said.
The embassy in Qatar added that it also extended assistance to several Filipino nationals facing distress or serious medical conditions during their layover in Doha on November 6-7. These individuals, departing from Belgium and Lebanon en route to the Philippines via Doha, received the necessary care and support from embassy staff.
According to a report from the Philippine News Agency, two Filipino medical workers successfully left Gaza last week during a limited evacuation facilitated by Qatar, which included international aid workers and wounded Palestinians.
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