A diverse range of Spanish food and non-food products are emerging in the Qatari market, thanks to the close partnerships forged with retail giant LuLu Hypermarket, Spanish ambassador Javier Carbajosa Sanchez told Gulf Times.
Sanchez made the statement on the sidelines of the launching of the ‘Festival of Spain’ promotion, which will run until November 1, across all LuLu Hypermarket branches in Qatar.
The ambassador described Qatar-Spain relations as “great”, adding that this is what he emphasised to the more than 10 Spanish food suppliers and other Spanish residents who attended the event.
According to Sanchez, the Qatari market is “competitive” and “educated”, traits that “can make a difference” in the further growth of the presence of Spanish products in the country’s retail sector.
“At the same time, we need to make an effort to come over here, to make a dent, to produce a number of brands. It’s not only Qatar, it’s the whole region. And I think it’s important to make a policy of presence, visits, and promotion of Spanish products,” the ambassador explained.
Sanchez said: “LuLu has been a regular sponsor of a number of activities that we have been doing along with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce here in Qatar, so I really hope that this partnership will not only be solid, but it will be the basis for so many things that we will be able to do in the future.
“LuLu is a very solid establishment here in Qatar. And I’m very happy that on this particular occasion, Spain and LuLu are forces that could make the world a little bit smaller in terms of gastronomy and taste.” Sanchez also noted that the embassy has been witnessing a rise in the number and popularity of Spanish restaurants in Qatar.
“If you think in terms of gastronomy and taste, some of the habits in the Arab world and those in Spain are not so much away from each other, so we share a lot in common. Islam has been in Spain and present for eight centuries, so there are a number of things that we share...This festival is going to bring Qatar and Spain closer together, thanks to the partnership that we have forged with LuLu. And this will be the first of many, I hope,” Sanchez also explained.
One of the main highlights of the ‘Festival of Spain’ promotion includes offers on a wide range of Spanish-branded products. The promotion showcased a diverse selection of products from renowned Spanish brands, including exclusive items that were specially imported by LuLu Hypermarket, such as fresh food, cheeses, bread, and an array of fruits and vegetables.
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