The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) is looking for ways to forge collaboration ties with Qatar Chamber to advance sustainable practices and decarbonisation in business operations, an official has said.
“The KCCI operates various organisations and programmes, such as the carbon reduction certification centre, the green energy support centre, and the supply chain support centre for carbon neutrality in the industry.
“Qatar Chamber is also working to achieve carbon neutrality for companies, so they can share their know-how to achieve carbon neutrality with KCCI and jointly pursue reduction projects, if necessary,” Cho Young-jun, Executive Director/Sustainable Management Institution at KCCI, told Gulf Times in an interview at the chamber’s headquarters in Seoul.
Cho noted that there are some areas within environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) and carbon neutrality that KCCI could align with the Qatari government, including relevant public and private sector entities.
“The role of the carbon market is becoming important for carbon neutrality. Qatar also operates a certification centre to support this and we also established and operated a certification centre in January this year.
“In this regard, the two countries share know-how in operating the programme, such as greenhouse gas reduction methodology and mutual recognition of issuance credits, which can help both countries achieve carbon neutrality,” Cho said.
He said KCCI has been involved with successful ESG initiatives or partnerships that could serve as potential collaborations with Qatar, such as the utilisation of corporate technologies and capabilities in solving social problems and expanding corporate social roles.
“Sustainable social risk companies are participating voluntarily; if new entrepreneurship spirit spreads and more companies sympathise and participate in the future, efforts to expand their social roles will increase not only in South Korea but also overseas.
“There are many South Korean companies operating in Middle East countries, so there will be opportunities for co-operation. It will also serve as an opportunity to spread this new entrepreneurial spirit to Middle Eastern companies and society,” Cho explained.
Cho also pointed out that there is potential for KCCI’s Sustainable Management Institution to contribute to achieving Qatar’s ambitious goals for carbon neutrality and sustainability.
“South Korea and Qatar are representative countries that are highly dependent on fossil fuels. Accordingly, the Institute for Sustainable Development in South Korea has formed and operated an industrial greenhouse gas reduction research group, in collaboration with 16 industry organisations.
“The research group is supporting the establishment of carbon neutrality promotion strategies by industry, as well as the discovery and diffusion of best practices and field guidance. Business networking, training programme operation, and best-practice sharing with Qatar are expected in the future,” Cho revealed.
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