Al Shafallah Center for Persons with Disabilities, one of the centres of Qatar Foundation for Social Work affiliated with the Ministry of Social Development and Family (MoSDF), has launched the first annual forum for cerebral palsy (CP) to mark World Cerebral Palsy Day.
The forum primarily aims to keep up with the latest developments in therapeutic methods and strategies pertinent to the rehabilitation of individuals with CP and put spotlight on the crucial role the center is performing to offer the best therapeutic and rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities (PWDs), according to a statement issued by Al Shafallah Center.
Managing Director of Al Shafallah Center for Persons with Disabilities Laalei Abualfain said the centre gives a top priority to individuals with CP through Al Shafallah App, in addition to prioritising the most crucial therapeutic strategies and training methods that include articulation and language, adding that the center offers therapeutic services on treating articulation and language disorders through a range of specialists who utilise the most important tools and devices that help individuals with CP upgrade their skills in social communication, as well as enabling them to further express their reactions and fundamental needs.
The forum offers opportunities for workers and families in Al Shafallah Center to learn about the latest strategies applied in the center with respect to rehabilitating individuals with CP and raise the awareness of the community, including workers operating in the field of rehabilitating individuals with CP, she added.
Abualfain outlined that the forum will discuss an array of scientific and critical themes on CP through which the participants will learn about the neurological diseases associated with CP, as well as psychological disorders associated with individuals with CP and the therapeutic methods.
She indicated that the forum will likewise discuss the most important therapeutic and rehabilitation services offered by the center to individuals with CP.
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