The shores of the Old Doha Port witnessed a spectacular display of aerial acrobatics on the water as the first-ever Jetski Jumping Competition in Qatar kicked off Friday.
During the first of the two-day exhilarating event, the participants – aged between 18 and 25 – enthralled spectators with their stunning performance in gravity-defying stunts. The competition concludes Saturday. The timing is from 3pm to 6pm.
“It is very important for us to boost the water activities and encourage people to engage in these kinds of competitions since we do not have this kind of privilege everywhere," an organiser told Gulf Times.
She noted that the event was divided into two categories: RXP and Spark, each featuring 10 expert participants. A pair of specially designed jet boats generate the waves, propelling the jetski daredevils to new heights.
She added that the scoring for the competition is based on a number of key elements: style, height of jumps, hand gestures (one or two-handed), mid-air spins (including 360-degree rotations), and precision criteria determined by a panel of expert judges.
“This event holds immense significance for Qatar, especially for our thriving tourism sector,” she said. “Doha Port enjoys year-round access to the sea, a precious resource for us. This competition not only amplifies water activities but also indicates more competitions and visitors to our shores.”
She said enthusiasm for water sports is gaining traction in Qatar, and the nation is gearing up for the upcoming aquathlon in three weeks, combining swimming and running events at the Old Doha Port.
Organisers have ambitious plans to elevate the Jetski Jumping Competition onto the international stage. “This year is a local affair, but if successful, we plan to make it a seasonal fixture. We want to throw open the registration to participants from across the Gulf and beyond, thus drawing in more visitors and propelling Qatar onto the global water sports map,” she said.
“We have six, seven months cruise season so it’s a plus also for us because lots of tourists are also coming and they start here at the terminal and then they explore the Mina District before going around Doha,” she said.
The competition’s limited capacity, due to the hot weather and time constraints, saw only 20 participants selected for the inaugural event. However, organisers expressed optimism that during the cold season, larger-scale competitions with greater participation can be held, further driving Qatar's prominence in the water sports arena.
As the event season kicks into high gear, she said Qatar is poised to welcome crowds to the fully operational venue, offering an array of dining options and water-based activities, complementing the thriving cruise season that covers nearly half the year.
The Old Doha Port is poised to become a hub for maritime enthusiasts and tourists, ensuring that Qatar's waterfronts remain vibrant and dynamic, she added.
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