A new batch of licensed Qatari real estate brokers took the legal oath before the Real Estate Brokers Affairs Committee at the Ministry of Justice. It included 28 mediators between individuals and real estate brokerage companies.
The Assistant Undersecretary for Real Estate Registration and Documentation Affairs and Chairperson of the Real Estate Brokers Affairs Committee Saeed Abdullah al-Suwaidi welcomed the new batch.
He stressed the Ministry's keenness to advance the real estate brokerage profession, as HE the Minister of Justice Masoud bin Mohamed al-Amri pays special attention to the development of the legal profession in line with the objectives of the Qatar National Vision 2030, due to its direct impact on the national development process — given that the real estate sector is one of its main pillars.
Al-Suwaidi stressed the need to deal with licensed brokers; because of the importance of this to protect the rights of different parties.
He warned against dealing with unlicensed brokers after the expiry of the period to reconcile the situation and start activating the real estate mediation law.
He pointed out the need to adopt contract forms for real estate brokers in buying and selling transactions to ensure the rights of dealers and brokers.
This step comes within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry of Justice to reorganize the real estate brokerage profession, and to work in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 22 of 2017 regulating real estate brokerage work, in a way that serves the national economy, developing work mechanisms in the real estate market, and qualifying Qatari office owners and brokers working in the brokerage profession.
The Ministry notes the necessity of dealing with real estate brokers licensed by the Ministry to avoid legal violations resulting from carrying out mediation work without a license.
The license for this batch came after completing the specific regulatory procedures under the provisions of the law, which include interviewing applicants for the profession's work, inspecting their offices, ensuring their compliance with the requirements for practicing the profession, and participating in specialized training courses at the Legal and Judicial Studies Center (CLJS).
The license for the new batch comes within the framework of the Ministry of Justice's efforts to reorganize the real estate brokerage profession and activate regulatory procedures to serve the national economy, develop work mechanisms in the real estate market, qualify those working in the profession of real estate brokerage among Qatari office owners and brokers, maximize interest in favor of Qatari real estate brokers as partners in real estate investment and establish advanced real estate brokerage offices in the region.
The Real Estate Brokerage Department receives and sorts the applications and organizes the required training courses to ensure that the applicant to practice the real estate brokerage profession obtains all the professional and legal requirements to carry out his role in this sector in an optimal manner.
As part of its plan to train and qualify real estate brokers, the Real Estate Brokerage Department, since the law went into effect, has implemented an integrated plan that includes training and qualification, activating the executive procedures of the law, including organizing visits to offices operating in the sector, and nominating applicants to practice the profession for training courses that are subject to licensing controls.
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