Danat Qatar Real Estate has organised its annual sports tournament throughout February, marking a vibrant celebration of sportsmanship and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle among tenants and residents, a statement said.
Held in the top-notch sports facilities within Alfardan Gardens compounds, the tournament brought together individuals and families for a month of friendly competition, camaraderie, and well-being.
This year's tournament featured an impressive lineup of participants, ranging from enthusiastic kids to seasoned adult competitors.
Featuring a diverse range of competitions, including tennis under-14, tennis doubles, padel for adults, and football for kids, the tournament catered to the varied interests and ages of the residents who played over four weeks, each Friday witnessed a different game held at various compounds, including Alfardan Gardens 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8.
Alfardan Gardens Compounds tennis coach Ahmed Bayoumi affirmed that the Danat Qatar Sports Tournament reflects the dedication to fostering community, promoting sportsmanship, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle among esteemed tenants.
This event not only cultivates a spirited sports culture but emphasises the lifestyle associated with residing in Alfardan Gardens properties.
The tournament concluded with an awards ceremony on February 23 at Alfardan Gardens 2.
Trophies, medals, and prizes were awarded to winners across various categories, the statement added.
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