The president of the Planning and Statistics Authority Dr Saleh bin Mohamed al-Nabit met with a team from the National Bureau of Statistics of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which is visiting the country.
The meeting came in the context of the Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics' field visit to the State of Qatar to learn about the workings of the statistical sector in the country.
During the meeting, a number of topics of mutual interest were discussed.
On the occasion, the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) issued a statement today explaining the visit's objective as being for the National Bureau of Statistics team to learn about PSA's expertise and record, particularly to learn about its statistical outputs, facilities, infrastructure, and equipment, survey methodology, fieldwork procedures, and PSA's international co-operations and partnerships.
In turn, the PSA president's assistant Mohamed bin Abdulaziz al-Nuaimi welcomed the Nigerian team, highlighting the importance of their visit in exchanging expertise.
The visit included presentations on various statistical topics related to PSA's strategies in data dissemination policy, statistical communication strategies, censuses based on administrative records, survey methodology and field operations, as well as PSA's most important statistical mechanisms, operations and methods in data, analysis, and dissemination and use.
The National Bureau of Statistics team toured PSA's information systems department and learned about the department's work.
This partnership is part of PSA's efforts to strengthen relations with various statistical offices globally for the sake of exchanging expertise.
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