Qatar has successfully focused in its engagement efforts on three main areas, namely : Alliance building and multilateralism; Peace facilitation and Investment in economic growth for future generations, noted HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim al-Thani Friday .
Speaking on ‘Small states: strategies for success in a competitive world’ at the inaugural edition of the lecture series of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in Singapore, HE Sheikh Mohamed said that alliance building and multilateralism is key for Qatar in a turbulent world.
He explained: “It is in the centre of our foreign policy to preserve and empower multilateral framework and to fully advocate and embrace a rule based world order. Qatar has maintained effective cooperation with international and regional bodies and has been a member of various international bodies.”
HE the Prime Minister also noted that Qatar has become a regional hub for multilateralism by opening numerous international offices in Doha. “We launched last March The UN House, which includes 12 UN offices. To maximise our impact at multilateral level, small states have to take an active international role with a clear voice and defend the international order and the rule of law which is important in fostering stability. Working together has never been more important,” he highlighted.
As for the peace building initiatives of Qatar, HE Sheikh Mohamed pointed out that the country has been in the forefront of fostering peace.
He continued: “We are at fostering peace building efforts to strengthen international peace which has been one of the pillars of our foreign policy for more than 25 years. Being a small country provides advantages in agility, mobility and building networks. Small countries can offer reliable channels of communication between countries which can serve as an opportunity to strengthen partnerships with major powers in the international community.”
Citing several examples of Qatar’s involvement in several peace brokering initiatives, he said: “Our region has a lot of potential and we hope that other small and medium countries can benefit from our collective experience.”
HE Sheikh Mohamed then went on to emphasise on the third aspect of Qatar’s efforts in equipping the future generations with sufficient capabilities. “Our future lies in the hands of our generations to come and the last decades have taught us crucial lessons. These have inspired us to set out concrete plans which balance risks and rewards and take into account present demands and future needs of the generations to come.”
He pointed out that it was vital for Qatar to ensure that a lasting legacy is built for the future. “ It is important for us carry on our wealth to our future generations. Using our wealth, we have invested in in our country and in our people. We have invested in education and infrastructure establishing state of the art airline, airport and sea port while becoming experts in logistics, technology and professional service. We have established Qatar Investment Authority to invest in Qatar’s future in diverse projects across the globe,” he added.