Qatar believes in the interdependence of the world community, noted HE the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim al-Thani Friday at the inaugural edition of the lecture series of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in Singapore.
Speaking at the event on the topic ‘Small states: strategies for success in a competitive world’ HE Sheikh Mohamed said that small states such as Qatar and Singapore have an important role to play in a world that has undergone great transformations in the last few years.
“The world is witnessing the emergence of multiple centres of influence with political, economic and technological capabilities. Qatar believes in the interdependence of the world and the conviction makes it possible for the country to have a strong commercial partnership with China while maintaining a strategic alliance with the USA,” said HE the Prime Minister.
He continued: “We were designated as the non-Nato ally of the US. Our ability to navigate in our relationship with the US and China is granted in our adoptability and diplomatic engagement. This not only serves Qatar’s national interests but also contributes to regional and global stability as well.”
“The many conflicts that we have witnessed in several places make the small states think that they have no role to play in these but in essence it is quite the opposite. Small states at times are in a better position to resolve critical conflicts,” he explained.
According to HE Sheikh Mohamed, small states are often more affected by geopolitical competitions and heightened tensions and economic insecurity. “Therefore we must be resilient and positively engage whenever and wherever possible. Leaders of small states must be prepared to face these challenges not as passive onlookers but as active participants in building peace and stability as facilitators of dialogue and mediators in global conflicts,” he stressed.
He also noted that Qatar takes climate change and food security with utmost seriousness and every efforts are being made by using latest technological advancements to mitigate the impacts of climate change. As for food security he highlighted that Qatar has taken several efforts at agriculture production. “Before 2017, we were dependent on others for diary products but by 2018 we started large scale diary production and by 2019 we were exporting those products,” he added.
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